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Are you struggling with your game? Do you find yourself hitting like a tour player one day and then missing every shot the next? Do you feel embarrassed to play with your boss or golf buddies just because you don’t know how your game would turn out?

I’d like you to meet Lenny – one of my students and who was also struggling with inconsistencies in his game.

Lenny came to me one day during training. He told me, “Shawn – this is all fine and good. When I train with you, I feel like I can take on Tiger. But as soon as I go to the range or spend a golf weekend with my buddies, it’s like I haven’t trained at all!

That’s when I thought of taking everything I know about the perfect swing and creating a system – a step-by-step plan for each area of the swing. From setup to takeaway, backswing to downswing and impact to finish… this training system has to be easy to master so it will be easy to repeat.

So the next week, I told Lenny to meet me at the course earlier than our usual time and I’d show him the solution to his inconsistent game.

Lenny was skeptical at first, as most people are. Consistency is like the holy grail of golf – it’s a seemingly impossible dream… until now.

Learn To Hit Solid Shots Every Time… Even If You Haven’t Practiced For Weeks

I taught Lenny the powerful training system I use STEP BY STEP – starting with his setup all the way to his finish. As he started learning the mechanics behind every movement, he himself was surprised with the progress he was making.

That’s because this isn’t a gimmick or a quick fix. It is a tried-and-tested formula that decodes each movement of the perfect swing and like a BLUEPRINT – lays them out in a system anyone can practice.

I bumped into Lenny a month after at the local course… he was with his boss. He came over with a huge smile on his face. He couldn’t believe how simple it was. He lowered his score by 10 points and that’s just the beginning!

This isn’t another drills video. Because…

The truth of the matter is drills don’t work.

You know what I’m talking about.

You do the drills regularly in your living room or yard or even the practice tee. But as soon as you start playing on the course, it’s like each shot has a mind of its own – going everywhere EXCEPT where you want it.

Like Lenny, you can’t just stand by while your co-worker Jim gets to play with the top brass and seal deals with big fish clients. Your unpredictable game should not block you from getting that promotion or closing the deal or even having fun with your foursome!

Stop wasting your time on traditional drills that don’t work.

What you need is a SYSTEM – a training system that connects each and every muscle movement to boost your swing performance.

This training system shows you not just HOW to do it but WHY you should do it.

If you really think about it, it’s actually plain and simple.

To duplicate something, you need to be able to repeat it again and again. To be able to repeat it, you need to master the same movements each time you do it. So…

That’s where I come in.

Introducing the “Repeating Swing Blueprint”… a training system designed to help you master every movement of the perfect swing.

What is a Blueprint?

A blueprint is a mechanical drawing of an architectural plan. It is a detailed plan of action. It serves as a model or prototype that can be duplicated exactly every time.

The Repeating Swing Blueprint training system is another groundbreaking instructional series that directly addresses one of the most important components of a golf swing – CONSISTENCY or the ability to do something over and over again perfectly.

These are SPECIALIZED, TARGETED training system is designed to aid in muscle memory and help you get the feel of the swing.

This video is revolutionary. It’s your chance to remove common swing errors and get you more consistently to proper impact.

The Repeating Swing Blueprint training course includes three DVDs – Build Your Foundation, Sequence Your Swing and Shape Your Finish.

This blueprint:

  • Zero in on each aspect of the swing so you’ll leave no stones unturned;
  • Train you to repeat your shots no matter where you play;
  • Lower your handicap every time you play;
  • PLUS one ninja trick tour players use to prepare mentally that will lower your score BEFORE you even set foot on the course.

But that’s not all you’ll get…

You’ll also get a printable electronic workbook that maps out the system in the DVD. This go-to guide will be your quick reference of all the key elements in mastering the movements designed to produce maximum consistency. Print it out and take it with you to the practice range or to the office for those moments in the day when you can fit in a quick practice session.


Repeating Swing Blueprint eBook

$47 Value

Format: PDF

Printable electronic workbook that maps out the system in the DVD. This go-to guide will be your quick reference of all the key elements in mastering the movements designed to produce maximum consistency. Print it out and take it with you to the practice range or to the office for those moments in the day when you can fit in a quick practice session.

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Oh, and one more thing…

We’re so confident that the “Repeating Swing Blueprint” Home Training System is your ticket to playing better golf with lower scores and less frustration, that we’ll back it up with this promise… Give this DVD a complete test-drive for a full 90 days. Implement the fundamental movements into your own swing. Take a couple of hours a week to practice this method.

And if, in any way, you’re not satisfied with the product or you’re not seeing a significant change in your game for the better within those 90 days, then simply let us know and we’ll arrange to have it shipped back and refund 100% of your payment.

So really, you have nothing to lose here and EVERYTHING to gain. So what’s stopping you?

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See What People are Saying…

Hi Shawn,

I have been working with your system for 5 months now. I have sought advice through regular PGA instruction but seemed to hit an impasse. I grew tired of my golf game before trying your system. Past history: Scored in the 100's. Inconsistency with all golf shots. Today: since using your system, consistency is improved. I can play from my misses. I am now scoring in the high 80's. I have won my 1st golf tournament and I am in 2nd place for club championship. I feel that more improvement is possible. My ulterior motive is to play Pebble Beach in 6 months. Many thanks. Your system truly works!!!

Randall Y.

Thanks Shawn! I ordered your Repeating Swing Blueprint package. I've learned more about the golf swing from that video than I've learned from all the golf lessons I've had over the years. So thanks a lot! P.S. I'll order the distance trainer next week.

Oscar M.

Just wanted you to know, the swing instruction is really starting to show good results. As "Tiger" says it's a process!!! Par 72 / 6,250 yds / slope 117 / score 78 / not bad for a longtime avg. index ranging from (13.1 to 15.3). Thanks again!

Bruce S.

I've been using your Blueprint for a Repeating Swing DVD's for about two weeks. HUGE impact! I'm taking 16 strokes or more off the handicap class impact. I've been playing about 13 years, but I was stuck. Everybody asks what they're doing wrong; this video shows how to do it right, from start to finish. Breakthrough! God Bless You forever.

Eric R. (Dunedin, FL)

Really getting on great with the “Repeating Swing BLUEPRINT”! As you said, it clarifies the “How To Build a Repeating Swing” a lot better and I am really enjoying the drills as I now find them much easier to understand them. Already after just a few days my ball striking has improved and I am having to re-adjust to the additional distance I am achieving with each club.

James M. (Wales, UK)

I just wanted to call and thank you because I hadn’t played golf for a while. I went out and played, and I was absolutely awful. So I went and got your video How to Build a Repeating Swing. It’s the greatest video ever made. After watching it once, my confidence rose even before swinging a club. I went in the back, practiced, couldn’t wait to get to the driving range. Went to the driving range, and was hitting like a beast. Took it out to the golf course. And this is after watching the video. Within two weeks I was in the golf course. I shot bogey golf in the front nine, but I could tell I was just right there on the cusp. The back nine... 4 over... and I was driving like a madman and my short irons were great. The nine… pitching wedge... I hadn’t hit better. And it’s because of your video. It’s the greatest video ever made. Any golfer should take a look at it. Thank you again, Shawn.

Tim M. (Dallas, TX)

I saw immediate results with your method and continued to practice and stick to what I saw in the article. Craving more information, I purchased your DVD and it took my game to the next level. Twelve months later my handicap is down to a solid 5 and I have shot even par three times... Your explanation of the takeaway in the DVD made a huge difference, kept me from rolling my arms and getting off plane. I wasted a lot of years doing it wrong, believe me...

Dan W. (Sacramento, CA)

Today I went to my golf club and used for the first time your techniques on the repeatable swing DVD. I was very pleased with many of the results particularly the arms away from the body and keeping my right shoulder back while allowing my arms to let gravity work along with the back of the left hand squaring the club up for maximum contact. The practice on my golf mat with mirror in the basement (12 foot high ceiling) was indispensable and allowed me to break down each part of the DVD without the use of a ball. I then went to the club driving range to sense the feeling by hitting balls and looking at the results. THANK YOU AGAIN for helping me to finally find a total swing that I have total confidence in. I played several competitive sports and practiced hard at achieving a high degree of skill but none of them although challenging, could ever match the difficulty of golf. That is the reason why we need very capable golf teachers like yourself. We need enjoyable experiences more than ever in our society now and please continue to fulfill our needs.

Bill D. (Mahwah, New Jersey)