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Between now and Monday, you can get $10 off a SHGP Ball Position Trainer plus an exclusive 14 day free trial to the EGA. If you have been curious about trying the EGA, this is the perfect opportunity finally to see what it’s all about.*


About the Ball Position Trainer

Shawn Humphries Golf Performance Ball Position Trainer is designed around the 3 different sets of clubs in your bag: Long, Middle & Short clubs. These 3 sets of clubs have 3 distinct ball positions. I have designed a trainer that hones in these ball positions, so you NEVER have to worry again about where to position the ball!

  •  Never deviate your ball position again
  • Know the EXACT distance you need to stand from the ball with EVERY club
  • Know your body is Aligned with your feet and you are Square to your target
  • Accomplish your entire ball position, alignment and setup with ONE Teaching Aid

The BPT sets the entire tone for your golf swing with a foundation from the ground up. Plan, Practice and Perform.

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After your free trial

  • Your membership will automatically upgrade to a regular plan for $47/month for 12 months.
  • If you do not wish to continue, email and with your information anytime during your free trial.
  • If you would like to switch to “Level 2” lessons and drills, please email to change your skill level during the first 30 days of your subscription.

By taking advantage of this special offer, you acknowledge that you authorize us to charge your card on file after your free trial. Your Elite Golf Academy tuition continues until you complete the twelve-month program. After you complete the twelve months, you will automatically get a lifetime membership to your lessons and drills for no additional charge! If you do not wish to continue for $47/month, email before your renewal date.

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ONLY $54.95
Retail Price $69.99


Shawn Humphries
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

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