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Learn How To Accurately Read Someone…

If you attended one of the many Teaching Summits you’ve heard me speak about our Academy Performance Model. And the three things I’ve added to my business.

  • Rapid Profiling
  • Mental Management Systems
  • High Performance Training

And how we’ve been influenced by two of the world’s leading experts in their field.

Without this team, we would have never been able to accomplish our goals as an academy, organization and coaching team.

So here’s what they taught me:

Dan Korem is the Leading Profiling expert in the world. He taught me how to read my students. So what does that look like? After Dan’s training I’m now able to determine how my students make decisions. Do they make decisions out of confidence or are they cautious decision makers. How do they perform tasks and how do they communicate. With this knowledge it allows me to pin point and tap into their fuel tank and maximize their performance on and off the golf course. This is good for me and better for the student when I can read them.

Troy & Lanny Bassham are the foremost leaders in Mental Performance. They designed a system called Mental Management Systems. It’s not based on psychology, instead it is 100% based on competition that has produced multiple Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champions. They have taught us their system that allows our students to control the mental aspect of their performance. The first year we infused MMS into our academy curriculum our students accomplished their 12-month goals in five months. By running a mental program it gives you control instead of giving up control to your environment. Once you master the mental program you have gained an important advantage over your competition. It’s a game changer!

Since adding Dan and Troy to our academy’s curriculum, it’s changed the landscape and environment of how we teach, train and coach, producing extraordinary results.

Meet Dan Korem

Dan Korem is a critically acclaimed investigative journalist and author of The Art of Profiling—Reading People Right the First Time, 2nd Ed.

He is the creator of the landmark Korem Profiling System™ the most widely used rapid-fire system in the world. With it you can profile people on the spot within a few minutes of interaction—and in many cases, without asking any questions or meeting someone—and identify how someone prefers to:

  • Communicate
  • Operate and Perform tasks
  • Make Decisions

Most people when tested only have 25-35% profiling accuracy but in a day of training using the Korem Profiling System™ increases to 75% or higher. During Dan’s session, your skills will be tested as you watch video clips of real people in real situations and enter your response on interactive keypads for instant feedback.
Professional and Collegiate Coaches have used the Korem Profiling System™ in elite environments to:

  • Recruit athletes and retain clients … identify true leaders separate from athletic ability
  • Lead teams—even when coach or team leader is a different profile from the rest of the team
  • Quantifiably reduce an athlete’s/student’s learning curve
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Creat champions on and off the golf course
  • Used in criminal investigations, human resources, sports training clinics and many more…

Meet Troy Basshan

Troy Bassham, Master Instructor and Director of Mental Management Systems®.  Troy is our primary instructor for high school, collegiate athletes, coaches and teachers.  Troy has been teaching Mental Management since 1995 and has been working with competitive athletes since 2004.  His main focus is helping players develop mental consistency during play, perform under pressure, build self-image of a winner, and training principles that focus on developing the mind and body at the same time.  Troy’s clients have won local, state and national events using Mental Management.  Troy has worked with hundreds of junior athletes with their mental game developing dozens of National Champions.

Troy used Mental Management himself to win 12 National Championships, set 4 National Records and became the CISM World Champion.


Shawn HumphriesShawn Humphries, A Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and a GRAA Top 50 Teacher.  Has been teaching, training and coaching athletes for 26 years.  His academy–in its 12th season has produced 1,500 wins and 100% of the academies graduating seniors have been offered golf scholarships.  By taking Dan Korems’ Rapid Profiling and Basshams’ Mental Management System and combining them together with his unconventional approach, he has developed one of the most sought after training models in the country.


If you are a teacher, trainer, coach, business executive, principal and/or a superintendent, take your business to the next level with

High Performance Teaching, Training &
Coaching Conference 2014

by Shawn Humphries Golf Performance
When: TBD (Fall/Early Winter 2014)
Where: Dallas Cowboys Golf Club
1600 Fairway Drive
Grapevine, TX 76051


What You Will Learn

Day One

  • How to use the Korem Profiling System
  • Guidelines for systematic profiling accuracy that extend beyond intuition and reading “body language.”
  • How to profile people / students  who put on a “game face” –and before you meet them

Performance Coaching (Mental Training)

  • Rediness Factor – how to make sure the student is ready to learn
  • Coaching Process – guidelines for informing, teaching, motivating, and confirming with your students
  • Mental Management System
  • Coaching to the students Profile

Day Two

  • Olympic Goal Getting Model—10 step model for developing champions
  • Coaches Pyramid of Success – a model for managing and maximizing your coaching team
  • Pyramid of Training – a model for developing students and building capacity
  • Academy Performance Pyramid – the system on how all three pyramids manage the landscape of training

Profiling / Mental Training / Performance Coaching

  • Tying together Korem, Bassham, & Humphries
  • Interactive Key Pad Training on Rapid Profiling
  • Group dividend into teams—given a situation to build strategy and collaborate on applying solutions.


 What Is Provided

  • Continental Breakfast and Lunch each day.
  • Breakouts each day
  • Dinner Monday evening.
  • Dan Korem’s book “The Art of Profiling”
  • Troy & Lanny Bassham’s “With Winning In Mind”  & “Attainment”
  • Seminar Materials


Cost of the Program:

Register Before January 27th, 2014

Price: $595

Register January 28th or Later

Price: $750

All the best,
Shawn Humphries
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher


P.S. There’s very limited space for this exclusive training program.
That’s why I’m giving you a heads up…
So you can check your schedules and clear up your calendar.
If you want to take your coaching or training business to the NEXT LEVEL in the NEW YEAR…
This is it.
This is where you should be on February 24th and 25th.