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…Just to Prove He Can Help You Develop a Golf Game
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Disbelief as You Take Honors Hole after Hole after Hole…

If you’d like to have consistently good shots on the golf course (and not just when you’re practicing at the driving range)… and you’d like to lower your handicap by up to 9 strokes in the next 90 days… then pay close attention.

Because for a limited time, GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teacher Shawn Humphries is giving away 6 of his best training courses — 48 videos in all! — just to prove he can help you develop the most consistent golf game you’ve ever had.

I’ll tell you all about these 6 free training courses in just a moment. But first, let me introduce you to Shawn…

One of America’s Top 100 Golf Instructors

Shawn Humphries is not just any old golf instructor. He is ranked by GOLF Magazine as one of the Top 100 Golf Teachers in America.

Since there are tens of thousands of golf instructors in the U.S., this means that Shawn is ranked among the top golf instructors in the world.

Not only that, his list of golf students reads like a who’s who of famous Hollywood actors, sports stars, and even PGA tour golfers.

Some of his most recognizable students include:

  • Former Cowboys quarterback and Hall of Famer Troy Aikman
  • Actor and movie director Clint Eastwood
  • Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith
  • Miami Dolphins Executive VP Bill Parcells
  • Current Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo
  • European Tour Player Jose Trauwitz
  • And PGA Tour players Brandt Jobe and David Hearn

Recently, Shawn was instrumental in helping Brandt Jobe rebuild his golf swing after a tragic accident. Now, after making his first three cuts of the 2011 golf season, Brandt has a lifetime exemption on the PGA tour after making his career total of 150 tournament cuts.

While Shawn has worked with many high-profile players, he’s also helped literally thousands of ordinary golfers to perfect their golf swing, lower their handicaps, and enjoy the most consistent golf they’ve ever played in their lives.

And the best part of all is that Shawn is…

Giving Away 48 FREE Training Videos

Just to Prove He Can Help You, Too!

For a limited time, you can get free access to all 48 training videos, which are grouped into the following 6 training courses:

Free Video Training Course #1:

“Fix Your Swing”
$67 Value
Format: Digital
  • How to tee up your ball so you consistently hit fairways. (Can something so simple really improve your game? Yes! In fact, the majority of the most accurate PGA tour players use this little-known trick to hit fairways almost every single time.)
  • How to fix your setup — including a simple 5-second trick to make sure you have a perfect 3-point stance.
  • How to fix a persistent slice or hook by simply tweaking your ball position.
  • The 3 most common takeaways and how to fix yours. (Plus, discover how to “reverse the loop” for straighter, more accurate drives.)
  • A simple exercise for fixing your backswing. (The great thing about this exercise is that it will quickly allow you to see the exact moment your backswing is going wrong.)
  • How to fix the top of your swing. (Are you making this common mistake? Find out in this quick 2-minute segment.)
  • How to improve your downswing so you make contact with the ball at the right angle for straighter, more consistent shots.
  • The single biggest difference between tour players, low handicappers, and high handicappers when it comes to making contact with the ball. (Hint: It’s called “de-lofting” the golf club.)
  • How to fix your release and your finish — and automatically fix your ball flight.
  • The 2 most common causes of slices… and an easy remedy for this vexing problem. (Finally, you’ll be able to stop playing to your slice… and actually hit the ball straight down the fairway!)
  • How to get rid of dreaded “snap hooks” that send the ball arcing away from your intended target.
  • Simple solutions for fixing fat shots (when you send a clump of turf flying) and thin shots (when you hit the belly of the ball and overshoot your target).
  • How the use of 3 tour sticks can help fix your alignment. (Simple, yet very effective.)

Free Video Training Course #2:

“Putt Like a Pro”
$37 Value
Format: Digital
  • How to fix your setup and your eyes so that you’re ready to sink even the most difficult putts.
  • How to create a smoother stroke and roll the ball better without it bouncing. (Hint: It’s called the “forward press” and Shawn shows you exactly how to do it.)
  • A simple but super-effective way to set your line. (You’ll be amazed how this simple technique can instantly improve your putting game.)
  • How to visualize breaks and read putts. (Distance measured in inches is hard to visualize — so visualize one of these two things instead.)
  • The reverse overlap and bridge grips explained — and how to execute them.
  • How to nail 5-footers every single time. (Never miss a 5-foot putt again!)

Free Video Training Course #3:

“Sand Game Tricks”
$37 Value
Format: Digital
  • How to square up at address for all your difficult sand shots. (Even the best golfers in the world land shots in bunkers. Here’s how to make the best of it.)
  • How to be a better bunker player… by keeping your club face open? Shawn explains the intricacies of this specialized shot.
  • Every golfer wants to know: “Spin or no spin on bunker shots?” To answer this question, you must first have an overarching strategy for the shot that comes AFTER your bunker shot. Shawn provides that strategy here.
  • A little trick for achieving the perfect stance (and weight balance) when you’re setting up for a bunker shot.
  • The 3 clubs you should always bring with you for long bunker shots.
  • How to hit fairway bunkers perfectly. (No fades or draws… just straight long-distance shots.)
  • A new way to hit bunker shots that will set you up for easy tap-ins at the hole.
  • Facing an intimidating “fried egg”? Here’s the proper club and technique to dig out buried lies.

Free Video Training Course #4:

“Secrets from a Legend”
$27 Value
Format: Digital
  • Ball position secrets — how to create a consistent set-up no matter whether you’re using your short irons, middle irons, or long irons.
  • Why legendary golfer Byron Nelson stressed, “There are no hazards in the air” — and how this influenced his strategy for pitch shots and chip shots.
  • How to play short irons for maximum accuracy.
  • Byron Nelson’s unusual-but-effective putting grip. (It may seem odd it first — and yet it fixes a common putting problem a lot of golfers have!)
  • How to keep everything working together to develop a properly sequenced swing.
  • How to create a single uniform golf swing that is consistent and effective with all your irons and drivers.

Free Video Training Course #5:

“Short Game Secrets”
$37 Value
Format: Digital
  • How to get precise with your distance wedges using Shawn’s “distance wedge reducing process.”
  • How to finish your chip shot so you get close to the pin (and avoid thin shots that lead to bogeys).
  • How to develop “chipping touch” so you hit your distance every time.
  • How to make your chip shots bite. (Get your ball to check, roll out, and nestle up to the flag — instead of running across the green.)
  • How to chip from the rough. (Plus, how it’s different from other chip shots.)
  • How to use a pitch shot to dig a ball out of deep rough and put it by the pin.
  • The basics of pitching — and how to modify your swing for pitch shots.
  • How to pitch from any lie. (Hit solid shots no matter if your ball is sitting up high, halfway down in the rough, or completely buried.)
  • How to modify your footwork to hit nice, crisp pitch shots and, ultimately, lower your scores.

Free Video Training Course #6:

“Trouble Shots & Solutions”
$37 Value
Format: Digital
  • The 2 steps to hitting super-sized flop shots. (Most people already know about step one, but do you know about step two?)
  • How to hit low shots around trees that are directly between you and the flag. (Shawn shows you how to go around them right or left.)
  • How to adjust your stance so you can successfully hit uphill, downhill, and sidehill pitch shots.
  • How to hit a good pitch shot when the ball is below your feet. (This is one of the hardest pitch shots, but Shawn’s tips make it a lot easier.)
  • How to use your tee box position to minimize your margin of error on the fairway. (Shawn calls this “playing smart golf.”)
  • How tour players hit soft pitch shots with spin — and how you can, too!

As you can see, by claiming your 48 FREE training videos, you’re getting dozens of score-lowering tips and expert-level advice from Shawn.

Watch them on your computer or download them to your smart phone so you can review the lessons while you’re on the course! (This is probably the best way to make sure you’re following the exercises just as Shawn teaches them.)

And you can get all of these instructional videos simply for trying Shawn’s new Elite Golf Academy 12-month training program for 30 days.

Introducing Elite Golf Academy:
Your Shortcut to Consistently Good Golf!

Elite Golf Academy is an online video training program for any golfer who wants to slash his handicap and start playing the most consistent golf he’s ever played.

Naturally, Shawn Humphries is the lead instruction coach and brings his top-rated golf instruction right to your front door. You don’t even have to get on a plane! Just log-in to the private Member Area and you’ll have access to all of Shawn’s latest training.

What makes Elite Golf Academy so unique is that it’s a systematic process for improving your golf game.

Lots of instructors don’t have a clear-cut process for teaching golf. They simply give you quick fixes that last for a day or less. Then you’re back to ground zero. Worse still, many instructors overlook other aspects of the game you may need help with.

But Shawn’s approach is different.

He has worked with tour players for years. And he says the reason they’re so good is because of the process they use!

And that’s why Elite Golf Academy utilizes process-driven golf instruction. It’s a holistic approach, and it’s the fastest, most reliable way of reducing your handicap, breaking 90 or even 80… and then… doing it consistently — every time you step foot on a golf course!

12 Months of Step-by-Step
Golf Instruction

Shawn has broken down the game of golf into its core components, and the curriculum he has developed guides you through a systematic monthly progression.

So no matter whether you pick the Beginner or Intermediate training path, you’ll get 12 full months of process-driven golf instruction based on Shawn’s 8 Core Principles of good golf.

You see, the majority of golf training sites are little more than a collection of videos haphazardly thrown together. It’s static content that lacks any kind of systematic approach to becoming a better golfer.

On the other hand, Elite Golf Academy has been designed to individualize and systematize the process of mastering your golf game. It is a step-by-step approach that works on everything from full swing to chipping and putting, not to mention body mechanics, mental toughness, and a whole lot more.

To draw an analogy, what Shawn has done with Elite Golf Academy is similar to how professional sports players train: You work through different training “stations,” each one building on the skills learned in the previous station so you become a better golfer with every passing week and month.

But That’s Not All You’ll Get…

In addition to process-driven golf instruction with new step-by-step training videos delivered to you every month, you’ll also get a personalized lesson from Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Shawn Humphries without leaving your home.

Every month, you will have the opportunity to send in a new video swing review for Shawn Humphries to analyze. Your critique is a detailed analysis of your golf swing. It will have a diagnosis of your setup, takeaway, backswing, downswing, impact and disaster shots.

#1 Source for Golf Instruction

Shawn’s goal is to make Elite Golf Academy the #1 source for online golf instruction. Naturally, to achieve this goal, he will be adding new content and improving the site every single month.

Here’s a look at some of the great features you’ll get from day one…

  • Live Q&A sessions with Shawn Humphries and other trainers so you can get instant answers to all your burning questions.
  • Exclusive articles written by top golf instructors. (You won’t find these anywhere else.)
  • Access to a private forum where you can interact with other members of Elite Golf Academy. Trade stories, tips, or whatever you want. Sometimes it’s nice just to connect with other golfers who are actively improving their game.
  • Mental performance training to help you master the mental game of golf. (Shawn has studied the mental side of golf for years — and he knows what it takes to silence your self-doubts while you’re on the course.)
  • And much more!

Elite Golf Academy is for golfers who want to see immediate improvements on the course and continuous improvement month after month after month. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to master the game. But don’t take my word for it…

“I Went from the Low 80s to Shooting Par”

Just want to thank you again for your DVD… Your explanation of the takeaway in the DVD made a huge difference, kept me from rolling my arms and getting off plane. I went from shooting in the low 80s to shooting even par the last two times I have played. Thank you.”

Dan Williams

“It’s Put More Fun Back in My Game”

I have just watched both your videos and immediately went out to practice your ideas. The way you have simplified the swing and the key points to be aware of have been a great help for me. It has re-motivated me to begin a new practice schedule and has put more fun back in my game.

Peter Tkac

“Never Hit the Ball So Solid & Crisp”

Your Two Step Swing Video was great. You explained and taught well. Worked a couple days at home on your techniques, and played yesterday with my buddies, never hit the ball so solid and crisp. Thanks again.

Gary May

“Played Golf for Decades… For the First Time, I’m Hitting the Ball Better and Further!”

For whatever reason, I had never learned to correctly hinge my wrists up and down — plus at the top of swing — how to correctly drop my hands straight down with minimum weight shift.

For the first time, I have the club on the correct swing plane. I am 63 years old — and I have never hit the ball better — or further.

Chuck Honeycutt

“Easy for Me to Understand”

Thank you so much for all the information you share online. You have a way of breaking down your teaching process that makes it easy for me to understand.

Roger Mayhew

“I Am a Shawn Humphries Fan and Pupil!”

Breaking down the basics like you did in your book and DVD really helped me with my game at the end of the season. I seem to be hitting it longer and straighter (more times than not).

I have to tell you that I had subscribed to a few other golf instructors on the web, but after finding you and realizing that you are the same instructor who wrote the article in Golf magazine back in March 2007, I unsubscribed from all those other instructors and just look to you for your clear, concise, simplistic step by step guide.

Wow, I guess you can say I am a Shawn Humphries fan and pupil. I only wish I was living closer to you as I know would also be taking instructions from you as well. Any thought of holding clinics in the Chicago land area? Let me know and I’ll be there!

Tom Ishikawa

Are these golfers any different than you? Not at all. They’ve simply committed to improving their golf game — and decided to rely on Shawn Humphries’ instruction to do just that.

The best part: You can too.

Becoming a student of the Elite Golf Academy is far more affordable than you may think… and… you won’t risk a penny to try it out.

Register Now And
Get Instant Access to Your 48 Free Videos

Up until now, you had only two choices if you wanted to work with Shawn.

You could attend one of Shawn’s golf camps. The fee for one of these training events starts at $500 a day.

Or you could hire Shawn to personally coach you at $250 an hour with a minimum of 7 lessons. Which means you’d invest a minimum of $1,750 in private lesson fees.

But for a limited time, you can try Elite Golf Academy for just $47 a month — which is $20 LESS than the regular price of $67 a month!

And when you try Elite Golf Academy for 30 days, you’ll get instant access to all 48 of the FREE golf training videos I’ve outlined above.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

If you find that you love Elite Golf Academy (as I’m sure you will), we’ll automatically renew your tuition each month as a courtesy to you. Stay a student for as long as you’d like and cancel anytime.

But if for some strange reason you decide Elite Golf Academy is not for you, simply contact our friendly customer support within 30 days to get a full refund.

And please, no matter what, we ask that you keep the 48 FREE videos as our gift to you!

Act Now & Start Taking Honors on Every Hole

What happens if you decide to leave this page without claiming your free videos? You’ll probably continue to struggle to fix your swing… struggle to lower your score… struggle to be that consistent golfer you know you can be.

Or you can make it easy on yourself by getting process-driven golf instruction from a Top 100 Golf Teacher — for only $47 a month.

Let’s Get Started!

  • YES! I want the 48 free training videos. I’ll discover how to fix my swing, putt like a pro, escape from the bunker, ramp up my short game, and much more. I understand that these videos are digital versions… and that I’ll even have the option to download them to my smart phone.
  • I am ready to become a student of Shawn’s new online golf training academy. I understand that the EGA is a 12-month training program structured around every element of the game. As long as I’m a student, I’ll receive new lessons and drills to work on each month based on the Core 8 Principles of the game.
  • I understand that Shawn will automatically renew my tuition each month as a courtesy to make sure I always have my next set of lessons and drills.
  • Since I am ordering right now, I receive everything above for the outrageously-low price of just $47. Plus I’m protected by a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If I decide that the Elite Golf Academy is not for me, I can simply contact customer support within 30 days for a full refund.

Go ahead and sign up right now to claim your 48 free training videos.

Simply select your skill level and complete the sign-up process on our SSL-secure server. Sign-up takes less than 5 minutes.

Click one of the buttons to begin…

Here’s to better golf,

Chad Edwards, Co-Founder

Elite Golf Academy

P.S. The offer to get 48 Free Training Videos (6 training courses in all!) is a marketing test and may be changed or removed at any time without notice. Please act now to guarantee your free gifts.


Q: How is this system different from traditional golf instruction?

A: This is the only 12-month training program out there that will address each element of your game in a methodical, structured way. Stop paying top dollar for golf instruction that is just a collection of tips and tricks. Isn’t it time to build your game like the pro’s do?

Q: Do I really have access to GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher Shawn Humphries?

A: Yes! Each student can contact Shawn for any reason. He actively participates in the forum and will personally answer questions you send him from your inbox. Once you register, Shawn will be your personal golf coach.

Q: How will I get feedback?

A: If you are someone used to private golf lessons, it can be scary to finally “cut the cord”. Simply put, Shawn Humphries believes this isn’t the best way to learn the game. Private lessons are dead. With simple tools like a training mirror and a video camera, you’ll gain a second pair of eyes to point out any flaws in your movement. Each lesson has a pictorial breakdown of the instruction so you always know if you’re on track. And, of course, you’ll have access to Shawn for questions. After just a few months of training, students start to see big improvements in their ball striking and scoring.

Q: I’m excited about this new style of instruction, but I don’t want to pay $47 a month forever. How does the program work?

A: Your registration gives you access to a 12-month training program. For 12 months, you’ll pay $47 a month to receive your newest set of lessons and drills. If for any reason you decide that this program isn’t for you, that’s ok too. You can cancel at any point in the program by contacting our customer service team.

Q: Can I watch these videos on my Windows/Mac?

A: Absolutely! These videos will play from any computer as long as you have the newest version of Adobe Flash installed.

Q: I have a mobile device that doesn’t allow Flash. Can I still watch my Elite Golf Academy videos while I travel?

A: Yes! Our website detects if you are accessing the site from a mobile device (like an iPad or an iPhone). As long as you still have internet connection, you’ll still be able to watch your training videos. Other than the smaller screen, you won’t notice any difference!

Q: Do you offer a download version?

A: At this time, we only have the bonus videos available for mobile download. If you are traveling and do not have internet connection, you may still review your current lessons and drills by printing out a PDF of this month’s training.

Q: May I keep the bonus videos even if I cancel?

A: If you decide after 30 days that you don’t wish to continue the training program, you can cancel and still keep the bonus videos as a thank you trying our program.