Celebrate our 100th Hump Day Episode and Get
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This week marks the 100th episode of Hump Day Golf Tips. To celebrate, you can get the original introductory rate of the Hump Day Golf Tips Volume 1 DVD. That’s 30% less than the current price… It’s just my way of saying “thanks” for helping to make this web series a success.

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About Hump Day Golf Tips Volume 1 DVD

Hump Day Golf Tips Volume 1 DVD is a collection of 25 original golf clips about each area of the game:

Full Swing

  • Keep From Coming Over The Top
  • It’s All In The Ball Position
  • Arm Speed vs. Body Speed
  • Got Width?
  • Plane Your Takeaway
  • Fix Your Slice
  • Increase Your Speed


  • Standing Closer is Better
  • Importance of Feet in Chipping
  • Chipping Ratios
  • Two Secrets to Better Chipping
  • Secret to the “Bump and Run”


  • Reading Putts
  • Putter Grip
  • Nail Your Line
  • Never Miss a 5 Footer


  • The Pitch Chip
  • Mastering the Lob Shot
  • Hit Crisp Pitch Shots

Bunker Play

  • Fairway Bunkers
  • New Way to Hit Bunker Shots
  • Standing in the Bunker

Trouble Shots

  • Downhill Lies
  • Knock Down Shot
  • Ball Above Feet

Hump Day Golf Tips are the most popular weekly golf tips on the web! Broadcasted on GOLF.com, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites each week, Hump Day Golf Tips are what golfers all over the world turn to for short, concise, helpful tips.

Plus you get a Free Hump Day Golf Tips Vol 1 Ebook

Your DVD will automatically come with an ebook with a pictorial break down of each golf tip.

Let’s Get Started!

Celebrate our 100th episode with a 30% off discount.

ONLY $19.95
Retail Price $28.50

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Shawn Humphries
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher