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Hi… Shawn Humphries here – Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teacher.

When I started Hump Day Golf Tip series back in 2010, I had no idea how big it would become.

With over 20,000 viewers worldwide tuning in to Golf.com or ShawnHumphries.com, the Hump Day Golf Tips are the most popular weekly golf tips on the web today!

Short and straight to the point, these tips have been helping golfers everywhere fix swing errors and become better players.

Following the success of Hump Day Vol 1, I’ve compiled 26 of the most popular episodes I’ve aired after the release of the first volume.

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Here’s Everything You’ll Get Inside


Full Swing

  • Plane The Clubface
  • Avoid Keeping Your Head Down
  • Creating the Inside Move
  • Correct Width
  • Creating Tour Player Width
  • Mastering Your Takeaway
  • Avoid the Dreaded Chili Dip


  • Hit High Chip Shots
  • Chipping: 3-in-1
  • Never Mis-Hit a Chip Shot Again
  • Solid Impact for Solid Chips


  • Double Gate Training
  • Feel Your Distance
  • Setup in Three’s
  • The Only Time in Golf You Keep Your Head Down


  • Hit Soft Pitch Shots with Spin
  • Perfect Your Pitch Shots
  • Find Your Ball Position
  • 2 Tips for Perfect Pitch Shots

Course Strategy

  • Hitting High Cut
  • Lower is Better
  • Avoid the Trouble

Trouble Shots

  • Ball Sitting Down In The Rough
  • Hitting a Low Cut
  • Uphill Lies
  • Ball Below Feet

In Short, You’ll Walk Away With…

  • No need to wait for Wednesday – you can watch the best of Hump Day Golf Tips anytime, anywhere!
  • Simple and easy tips that will help you in all areas of your game
  • Start seeing immediate results with little known tips and tricks – you can learn & master it in as little as 2 weeks
  • Turbo charge your swing with consistency and accuracy – become the hotshot in your foursome

And many, many more…….

You could go out and watch EVERY golf tip ever made, spend countless HOURS on the practice tee and TRY to do the stuff these so-called pros taught you.


You could watch the only tips that will get you REAL results. Be prepared to see stroke come off your score.

But don’t just take my word for it…

See What Others Are Saying

Shawn, I have not contacted you before, but I think your “Hump Day” series have been the best I have seen. I am an 81 year old who has been a consistent bogey player for the past 15 years. I play from senior tees and rely on the short game as my drives are only a “straight “ 200 yds. As you would know the 380 + par 4s are tough for me. I have been a student of the game since I started late (age 30) after a semi-pro baseball career. Twenty years ago I wrote a book titled The Golf Primer: a manual for the adult beginner. Through that labor of love, I spent time with Gary Wiren, Jim Suttie, Greg Ortman, Michael Hebren, Fred Griffin, Dave Pelz and others, but none were more genuinely helpful than your “Hump Day” tips. I still do a little basic teaching to some retirees who want to get into the game or return to the game after years away from the links.

Wil M.

Shawn received Vol 1 outstanding. I can’t wait for Vol 2, 3, 4. Hope we will see them soon.


I had a lesson yesterday with the pro here at the Blue Canyon Country Club in Phuket which I am a member. I have been shanking the chip shot these last few months and before, this was my best shot. We spent about an hour trying to find a fix, even playing right handed (I am a lefty), which I did quite well after about 10 minutes. I wasn't really satisfied with the option so I went looking through your email lessons and found the one with the lob shot, opening up the face and then dropping the hands. I went back to the lesson location today and used your hand drop method and now my shot has returned to its previous glory. I am sure the lesson helped a bit yesterday, standing too close to the ball and letting my wrists breakdown but I know a lot of it had to do with your suggestion of dropping the hands. Thank you and now I am back.

Peter T., Thailand

Hi Shawn, The weekly tips have been great!

Marv Z., Appleton, WI

I am a beginner at the game. Starting at 68 years old and I love it. Watching your tips has helped me so much. Your instructions are so easy to follow. Thanks for your help.

Bonita Bennett

All videos are detailed just enough to fit a specific situation on the course. Shawn does an excellent job of helping you feel comfortable with what you want to achieve. Great teaching…it seems like Shawn knows you.

Ed Burns

Thanks a million for the tips. Love Hump Day’s.

Jaime Hernandez

Another great video Shawn. Always enjoy receiving them and reviewing the fundamentals of the game. Keep ‘em coming! Thanks.

Joe Valdovich

Really great information here, well written and presented. Keep up the posting, I’m certainly a fan.

Ashly Saratakis

I love these new tips, and it makes golf fun because it’s too hard to figure it out on your own.

Art Batson

This is a great tip since it shows where to place the club at the finish of the backswing. I can’t wait to get out and practice it.

Paul Kochanowsko (Perfect Pitch Shots)

Thanks much, I am playing for 2 summers now and broke 90 (shot 89) for the first time this summer thanks to your videos. Hoping to go lower before the end of this season here in the Northeast USA.

Carl Criscione

It's something we look forward to every week 🙂 Thanks for all the great #golf #tips.

Orange Lake Golf

I do appreciate all the tips you have been giving me in the past. They have worked
 for me mainly due to less practice rounds and more practice. Many Thanks!

Joe McKee

Hump Day lesson from this past week saved me at least 7 strokes. Made some good lunch $$ too! Thanks!

Pete Perez

I love your hump day drills. I learn something almost every time I view them.

Tont Marasco

Shawn, Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoy your Hump Day videos. It's the one email I look forward to receiving each week.

Frank R., Dallas, TX

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