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About the Ball Position Trainer

Shawn Humphries Golf Performance Ball Position Trainer is designed around the 3 different sets of clubs in your bag: Long, Middle & Short clubs. These 3 sets of clubs have 3 distinct ball positions. I have designed a trainer that hones in these ball positions, so you NEVER have to worry again about where to position the ball!

  • Never deviate your ball position again
  • Know the EXACT distance you need to stand from the ball with EVERY club
  • Know your body is Aligned with your feet and you are Square to your target
  • Accomplish your entire ball position, alignment and setup with ONE Teaching Aid

The BPT sets the entire tone for your golf swing with a foundation from the ground up. Plan, Practice and Perform.


How To Use Your Ball Position Trainer

The Setup
The BPT has 3 main foot positions: S – Short Irons
M – Mid Irons L – Long Irons, Hybrids, Fairway Metals and Driver.
• The Lead Foot remains stationary
• The Trail Foot is the only foot that moves depending on the club selection.


The BPT is also designed to help you align yourself to the target.
• Use a club shaft in direct line with target
• Place the BPT parallel to club shaft
• This creates a Railroad Effect to target
• The longer the club the WIDER the railroad effect


Ball Placement
Using a yardstick with the BPT allows you to accurately place your body the correct distance from the ball.
• Use a yardstick to measure ball position from BPT
• Allow 2 inches from end of yard stick to the ball
• Distance will vary according to club selection and
personal standards


Club Distance
Club selection will determine distance to the ball, but one thing will always remain constant: the distance from the club to the body.
• Make sure you keep the end of the club a FIST away from body
• Practice using the BPT with every club in your bag


Let’s Get Started!

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ONLY $48.99
Retail Price $69.99

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Shawn Humphries
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