“Crank Up Your Short Game To The Next Level With This Powerful Training Tool That Can Get You Putting Within 3 Feet Or Less… Every Time!

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Statistics show that if the golf ball is within 3 feet of the hole, there is a 90% chance you will make the putt. Because of these odds, the goal of all short game drills is to get the ball within 3 feet from the target. But that is not always easy to visualize.

That’s where the GolfRing Training Set comes in.

Each set includes a large collapsible ring with a 3-foot radius and a smaller ring with a 9-inch radius.

In performance training, you can develop the ability to more accurately visualize where to land your chips, pitches, and sand shots and how hard to hit your distance putts to regularly roll the ball within 3 feet from the hole.

  • Provides a Visual Guide.
  • Imagine if you always had a visual of how far you had to hit the ball to get it within 3 feet of the hole. This level of consistency is possible with the right tools and enough practice.

  • Strengthen Your Weaknesses.
  • 65% of strokes happen within 100 yards of the target. Do you know what distances from the hole are your weakest? Shawn Humphries calls your weakest distance your “breaking point”. Spending more time practicing at that distance will improve your game.

  • Receive Instant Feedback.
  • The key to performance training is having instant feedback on how well you doing with your drills. With the GolfRing, you will always know with 100% accuracy if your shot was within 3 feet of the hole.

GolfRings are white, lightweight fiberglass rings that are so thin that a golf ball can roll right over them without changing speed or direction. Experience the best way to improve your short game with the GolfRing Training Set.

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