“Discover The Explosive Putting Secrets That Give You An Edge Over 90% Of The Competition – Top Golf Instructor Creates Winning Formula!”

SHGP Putting Bar
NOW $24.15
Retail Price $34.50

Dear Golfer,

Because putting represents over 43% of your strokes on the golf course, the easiest way to make dramatic improvement to your overall score is by improving your putting.

There are Two Main Components to Putting Success:

  • Squaring the Putter Face at Impact
  • Creating a Putting Path that is Straight Back and Straight Through

(If you are missing your putts, it’s probably because you aren’t hitting the ball squarely or have an incorrect putting path!) Once you master the principles of Path and Face, you will keep the ball on line for the first 36 inches and roll the ball on your intended line.

Did you know that 90% of all golfers aren’t able to keep the ball on line for the first 36 inches? Chances are you are off line and don’t even realize it! This is why putting often feels like a guessing game

…That’s why I’m excited to announce my newest training product, the SHGP Putting Bar. It gives you instant feedback to know that you are hitting the ball squarely so you will hit your intended line. It is simple and takes out all of the guesswork… because all you have to do is keep the ball on the bar for 36 inches.

The Putting Bar is the answer to:

  1. Square the putter face,
  2. Create a centered hit on the putter,
  3. Eliminate your putting path issues,
  4. And most importantly SINK MORE PUTTS… knocking strokes off your game immediately!

With just 30 minutes on the Putting Bar, you will automatically nail 40% more putts.

It’s simple; it’s easy. With just a few minutes a week working on the putting bar, you will start to putt like a champion. Order yours today to see the immediate results on your scorecard!

So, Let’s Get Started!

SHGP Putting Bar
NOW $24.15
Retail Price $34.50

Shawn Humphries

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher