If Byron Nelson Handed You the “Blueprint” to a Consistent, Easily Repeatable Golf Swing… Would You Take It?

Because that’s Virtually What You’re Getting Inside This Breakthrough Swing Training — a Solid, Dependable, Go-To Swing Method from a Top 100 Golf Instructor who was Mentored by Byron Himself!

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Can you even IMAGINE it?

Standing on the range, club in hand, with the legendary Byron Nelson at your side, watching your every move…

“Narrow your stance just a bit”, he says, in his trademark Texas drawl. “And try to keep the club more inside on the takeaway.” You quickly make those adjustments and swing away. POW! A frozen rope that sails forever.

And not just one. But another. Then another. Your swing looks like clockwork, with everything moving in perfect unison and synchronicity. Almost every shot you hit comes off crisp…solid…and exactly where you’re aiming. And Mr. Nelson smiles, patting you gently on the shoulder in approval.

How Cool Would THAT be?

Unfortunately, it’s now impossible to have a personal lesson with this extraordinary golf great. But you CAN get personalized golf instruction from someone who actually mentored under Mr. Nelson…

This leading golf instructor learned the secrets of the game first-hand from Byron Nelson, the same man who once won 11 straight professional tournaments (a record that will NEVER be broken) and beat the renowned Ben Hogan numerous times.

And in the next few minutes, I’m going to introduce you to this in-demand golf teacher, as well as show you the fastest, easiest way to actually develop a smoother, more repeatable golf swing…one that you can count on in any situation–from friendly foursome to club championship—and know that you’re going to make a GREAT shot.

But first, let me ask you a question…


Does This Sound Familiar to You?

You’re playing with your buddies and clicking on all cylinders. Every drive is striped down the middle, every iron shot takes off like a rocket, and your wedge game is dead-on. Even your putter is working, with an effortless stroke that sends your ball rolling gently on a beeline for the hole.

So you think, “Yeah, I got it. I finally found the secret to golf. I’m going to play this way every day from now on!”

But then, you tee it up again a few days later, brimming with confidence about your newfound level of swing mastery…

And BAM! Reality Hits You in the Face
Like a Cold, Wet Fish…

All those shots you were smoking last time? They’re now gone, replaced by duffs…thins…worm burners…slices…hooks…chunks…everything you THOUGHT you had gotten rid of forever.

That buttery smooth swing you had so briefly has suddenly transformed into a jerky, convoluted mess, with your arms, legs, and hips going in more directions than a 2-year old after drinking a Red Bull. All that was so easily repeatable last time is now a fading memory, as you hack, slash and chop your way to an absolutely horrid round.

And as you slink off the 18th green, ready to hand another wad of cash to your sneering pals, your mind has only one thought:

“How Can I Play So Well One Day and
Be So Awful the Next?”

I’ll tell you exactly why in a moment. But first let me introduce myself….

My name is Shawn Humphries. I’m a Golf Magazine Top 100 Golf Teacher and former Director of Instruction at the prestigious Carmel Valley Ranch in Carmel, California. I also studied under the legendary golfer Byron Nelson, and ran the ultra-elite Byron Nelson Golf School in Dallas, Texas.

Today, I am the Director of Instruction for the word-famous Dallas Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine, Texas. My private students include PGA pros, top amateurs, world-class athletes, famous celebrities and corporate CEO’s including…

  • Actor and Oscar Winning Movie Director Clint Eastwood
  • Hall of Fame Quarterback Troy Aikman
  • Hall of Fame Running Back Emmitt Smith
  • Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo
  • Super Bowl Champion Coach Bill Parcells
  • PGA Tour player Brandt Jobe
  • PGA Tour player David Hearn
  • European Tour player Jose Trauwitz

Plus MANY more…
In addition to my private teaching, I’ve appeared on television shows including NBC‘s “Today Show”… Golf Channel‘s “Golf Academy Live”… and… PGA Tour Network‘s XM channel “Making The Turn.” My articles have been published in prestigious industry publications such as Golf Magazine, Golf.com and Avid Golfer, and I operate a golf sports performance-training academy that specializes in developing youth golfers into world-class competitors.

So far… My Golf Training Methods Have Produced Over 500 Individual Golf Champions!

I’m talking about Junior World… AJGA… NCAA… Canadian… Nationwide… LPGA… and European Tour winners.

These players have taken my techniques (many of which I learned from Mr. Nelson himself) and put them to the test. And the results speak for themselves.

But it wasn’t always that way. In fact, many of these same players were once high-handicappers, just like most of the other golfers in the world.

So What’s My Secret to Getting Such Dramatic (and QUICK) Results? There’s Actually 3…

1 Solid Foundational Principles: There are no gimmicks or swing-theories-of-the-month here. When I work with a golfer, we start from the ground up, breaking down what’s causing their inconsistency and then building it back, brick-by-brick, to establish a better foundation for everything that happens in the swing.
2 Proper Sequencing: Once we have the foundation put down, we start focusing on putting everything together in the right sequence. Each piece of the golf swing has to flow seamlessly and smoothly into the next, with no hitches or speed bumps. If there’s even a SLIGHT hiccup in the swing, it can throw everything off instantly. And in this step, we strive to eliminate these entirely.
3 Shaping the Finish: Most golfers don’t care about what happens after the ball leaves the clubface. But truth is, this is still a CRITICAL area of the swing. Because everything has to lead up to the finish in the proper sequence (see #2) so that the finish is strong, full, and balanced. Just look at the pros—they always finish in the same way. It’s extremely important, and it’s a vital piece of my teaching.

When you put this all together, you create a swing that’s consistent and repeatable…

THAT’s the key to playing great golf, and that’s exactly what I’ll hand you inside my brand-new Repeating Swing Blueprint…

FINALLY! A Tour-Level, Prove-to-Work Blueprint for a Repeatable Golf Swing…

Inside this 3 DVD series, we’ll get together and build a consistent, repeatable golf swing that you can rely on time and time again to come through whenever you need it…

No more on-again, off-again days…no more frustration at not knowing what you’re doing wrong (or what you’re doing RIGHT)…no more feeling like you’re a Senior Tour candidate one minute and a Blooper reel candidate the next…

With this easy-to-follow, step-by-step video series, I’ll virtually take you by the hand and show you my winning method for swinging a golf club, from grip to finish. This is the same method that was inspired by Byron Nelson himself…the same method that’s helped me become the teacher of choice for so many pros and celebrities. And it can help you too.

Inside, you’ll discover…

The Best Training Tools:
No more guesswork—now you’ll know the EXACT training tools you’ll need to develop a more consistent, more repeatable swing. And the best part? There’s only a few (which means you can toss out all the rest of the useless junk in your closet)!
How to Setup Properly:
If you’ve ever been confused about the right setup for a great shot, you’re not alone. But in this video segment, I’ll give you just 3 easy points to remember that will help you set up the right way EVERY time—no matter what club is in your hand!
Ball Position Made Easy:
If you’re inconsistent, I’ll bet you’re not positioning your ball correctly. But in this segment, I’ll reveal my secret formula for establishing the perfect ball position for each club in the bag, helping you to make crisp, pured strikes that explode off the clubface like clockwork.
Takeaway Tricks:
Getting the club started on the right plane is crucial. And in this segment, we’ll talk about how to begin bringing the club back, with drills and tips on hinging the wrists the correct way and the reason why this is so important. EXTREMELY vital to a good swing!
The Correct Upper Body Turn:
So what actually gets “turned”? Some say shoulders…others say hips… and yet others still tell you to just lift the arms. But for a repeatable swing, you need to remember just ONE thing—and I’ll tell you what that is inside…
How to Ramp Up the Backswing:
So much can go wrong in the backswing. But with my repeatable swing method, you’ll stay on track, moving into the backswing in a wide, easy-to-learn manner that sets up for a smooth transition and a powerful downswing.
Top of the Swing Essentials:
Your club’s position at the top is critical to how well your shot performs. And in this segment, I’ll walk you through the proper tactics for “getting there and getting square” along with some simple drills to help instill these principles.
Transition Tips:
Time to generate some POWER—and in this segment, we’ll zero in on one of those places in the swing where things tend to go awry for most amateurs. Follow what I show you in these few minutes and you’ll be transitioning like pro in no time!
Secrets of a Tour-Level Downswing:
Ready to say goodbye to that over-the-top move? This is where it all begins, with a brain-dead simple method (along with helpful drills) to get your club coming down on plane…and your ball heading straight down the fairway!
Making Maximum Impact:
This is where the rubber meets the road (literally). So play close attention here, because I’ll be revealing the same pro-level instruction that I give my celebrity clients on how to properly come into impact for more on-the-screws shots and big-time distance.
Getting Through the Ball:
How many times have you been told that you “quit” on a shot? If decelerating is an issue, this is the segment for you! I’ll hand you my blueprint for blasting through your shots with the speed and power you’ve been yearning for—and staying through until the finish.
Shaping your Finish:
Your shot’s gone, so what’s the big deal, right? WRONG! Your finish is paramount to you distance, ball flight, trajectory and more. And in this segment, I’ll show you how to bring your swing to close with a flourish of power combined with perfect balance.

All this and MORE!

With the Repeating Swing Blueprint, you’ll have a proven-to-work plan to help you start making consistent, repeatable shots over and over again. And the best part is, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

All This—and MORE—for Less Than a Couple Dozen Balls…

Because right now, the entire 3 DVD Repeating Swing Blueprint series can be yours for just $57…

That’s right — for less than the cost of a couple of dozen premium balls, you can have my virtual blueprint for a golf swing that’s never going to leave you high and dry when you need it most.

Believe me, I charge a LOT more than $57 for my instructional time. So to get almost TWO FULL HOURS of personal instruction from me, covering every element of the swing you can think of (and a few that probably never crossed your mind, but are still vitally important), at this price is almost laughable.

However, I want to make sure I can get this valuable teaching into every amateur golfer’s hands that I possibly can, so I can help alleviate that frustrating feeling of never being able to play consistently. That’s why I’ve priced it as low as possible during this introductory period. FREE BONUS! The Repeating Swing Blueprint Training Manual

Plus, right now with your order, we’re throwing my Repeating Swing Blueprint companion training handbook as an extra bonus—no charge…

This handy practice aid covers everything that I mention in the videos, with detailed instructional notes and high-resolution pictures for fast, easy reference. You’ll get all the drills, all the techniques, and all the ultra-insider tips right at your fingertips so you’ll never stray off track from your scoring goals.

The Repeating Swing Blueprint Training Manual comes in a digital format that’s easy to print and take with you to the range or course. And it’s yours — FREE — when your order right now.


Repeating Swing Blueprint eBook

$47 Value

Format: PDF

Printable electronic workbook that maps out the system in the DVD. This go-to guide will be your quick reference of all the key elements in mastering the movements designed to produce maximum consistency. Print it out and take it with you to the practice range or to the office for those moments in the day when you can fit in a quick practice session.


Backed By a Rock-Solid 90-Day
Money-Back Guarantee!

We’re so positive that your game will be transformed by the Repeating Swing Blueprint Training System that we’re standing behind everything with this promise…

Take 90 days to test drive the program. Watch the videos, study the e-book, and do the drills. If, after those 90 days, your game has not become more consistent and your swing is not more repeatable than before, just let us know and we’ll arrange for a full 100% refund.

No questions. No fine print. No hoops to jump through. Just a written-in-stone promise—you don’t get better, you don’t pay. Simple as that.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Your Blueprint NOW and Let’s Start Working Together!

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See you on the practice range!

Shawn Humphries

Elite Golf Academy Head Instructor
Golf Magazine Top 100 Golf Teacher

See What People are Saying…

Hi Shawn,

I have been working with your system for 5 months now. I have sought advice through regular PGA instruction but seemed to hit an impasse. I grew tired of my golf game before trying your system. Past history: Scored in the 100's. Inconsistency with all golf shots. Today: since using your system, consistency is improved. I can play from my misses. I am now scoring in the high 80's. I have won my 1st golf tournament and I am in 2nd place for club championship. I feel that more improvement is possible. My ulterior motive is to play Pebble Beach in 6 months. Many thanks. Your system truly works!!!

Randall Y.

Thanks Shawn! I ordered your Repeating Swing Blueprint package. I've learned more about the golf swing from that video than I've learned from all the golf lessons I've had over the years. So thanks a lot! P.S. I'll order the distance trainer next week.

Oscar M.

Just wanted you to know, the swing instruction is really starting to show good results. As "Tiger" says it's a process!!! Par 72 / 6,250 yds / slope 117 / score 78 / not bad for a longtime avg. index ranging from (13.1 to 15.3). Thanks again!

Bruce S.

I've been using your Blueprint for a Repeating Swing DVD's for about two weeks. HUGE impact! I'm taking 16 strokes or more off the handicap class impact. I've been playing about 13 years, but I was stuck. Everybody asks what they're doing wrong; this video shows how to do it right, from start to finish. Breakthrough! God Bless You forever.

Eric R. (Dunedin, FL)

Really getting on great with the “Repeating Swing BLUEPRINT”! As you said, it clarifies the “How To Build a Repeating Swing” a lot better and I am really enjoying the drills as I now find them much easier to understand them. Already after just a few days my ball striking has improved and I am having to re-adjust to the additional distance I am achieving with each club.

James M. (Wales, UK)

I just wanted to call and thank you because I hadn’t played golf for a while. I went out and played, and I was absolutely awful. So I went and got your video How to Build a Repeating Swing. It’s the greatest video ever made. After watching it once, my confidence rose even before swinging a club. I went in the back, practiced, couldn’t wait to get to the driving range. Went to the driving range, and was hitting like a beast. Took it out to the golf course. And this is after watching the video. Within two weeks I was in the golf course. I shot bogey golf in the front nine, but I could tell I was just right there on the cusp. The back nine... 4 over... and I was driving like a madman and my short irons were great. The nine… pitching wedge... I hadn’t hit better. And it’s because of your video. It’s the greatest video ever made. Any golfer should take a look at it. Thank you again, Shawn.

Tim M. (Dallas, TX)

I saw immediate results with your method and continued to practice and stick to what I saw in the article. Craving more information, I purchased your DVD and it took my game to the next level. Twelve months later my handicap is down to a solid 5 and I have shot even par three times... Your explanation of the takeaway in the DVD made a huge difference, kept me from rolling my arms and getting off plane. I wasted a lot of years doing it wrong, believe me...

Dan W. (Sacramento, CA)

Today I went to my golf club and used for the first time your techniques on the repeatable swing DVD. I was very pleased with many of the results particularly the arms away from the body and keeping my right shoulder back while allowing my arms to let gravity work along with the back of the left hand squaring the club up for maximum contact. The practice on my golf mat with mirror in the basement (12 foot high ceiling) was indispensable and allowed me to break down each part of the DVD without the use of a ball. I then went to the club driving range to sense the feeling by hitting balls and looking at the results. THANK YOU AGAIN for helping me to finally find a total swing that I have total confidence in. I played several competitive sports and practiced hard at achieving a high degree of skill but none of them although challenging, could ever match the difficulty of golf. That is the reason why we need very capable golf teachers like yourself. We need enjoyable experiences more than ever in our society now and please continue to fulfill our needs.

Bill D. (Mahwah, New Jersey)