Are You Going BONKERS
Over Your BUNKER Shots?!

Do You Break Into Sweat At The Thought
Of Your Ball Landing In The Sand?

Do You Get Nightmares Of Getting
Caught In The Sand Trap?

If Your Sand Game Are As Shifty As The Sand Its On,
Then You’ve Got A Serious Problem!

Here’s a fun statistic: 10 out of 10 of golf courses around the world have at least one sand bunker.

So if you play golf, chances are, you’ll encounter one of these suckers on the court.
Many recreational golfers fear sand-traps… and just that name alone conjures up dreadful thoughts of a failed round.

It would be surprising to know that most tour players would rather be in the bunker as opposed to the rough around the green.

That’s because golf pros know something very few recreational golfers know:

You can turn sand wedge into a secret weapon to lower scores.

That’s where the Sand Game Tricks come in.

In this popular video series, Shawn Humphries walks you through 8 videos to simply get you ball out of the sand and onto the green.

You’ll learn:

  • The little-known secret to great bunker shots average golfers are clueless about
  • How to plan the right bunker play strategy to save par
  • Three MUST-HAVE clubs for long-distance shots that don’t fade or draw
  • A new way to hit bunker shots for EASY TAP-INS at the hole

And many, many more!

Did you know that you can turn bunkers – the most frustrating places on the course – to work for your advantage?

Do you want to stop sweating the sand traps and trick your mind into playing it like a normal part of the golf landscape? It’s easier than you think!

With these techniques, your confidence will grow and you will begin to create a ‘feel’ of how to hit better bunker shots.

Here’s What You Get

  • Video 1: Setup for Sand
  • Video 2: Secrets to Bunkers
  • Video 3: Spin or No Spin
  • Video 4: Perfect Weight
  • Video 5: Long Bunker
  • Video 6: Fairway Bunkers
  • Video 7: New Way to Hit
  • Video 8: Buried Lies

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Learn the secret of Sand Game Golfers…

There are already many hazards on the course that are beyond your control – trees, wind, tall grass and rough. Sand bunkers shouldn’t be one of them. Take control of your game and find out how great bunker players escape the sand trap without breaking a sweat.

Master how to set up before taking your shot so you minimize your margin of error. Majority of the most accurate PGA tour players use this little-known trick to get out of bunkers almost every single time.

Finally, discover how to blast out of the sand and on to the green for easy putting. It’s the single biggest difference between tour players, low handicappers, and high handicappers when it comes to using course strategy to deal with tough shots like a buried lie.


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