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I’m going to begin by asking you a rather shocking question…

What If Everything You’ve Ever Learned
About Playing Golf Was… WRONG?!

Listen up: I’ve been at this game for a long time.

Over and over again, I’ve seen recreational golfers make three big mistakes. As a result, for more than five decades, their scores have not improved.

Even HALF of all golfers who took private instruction failed to get better.

The only logical conclusion is: Something is awfully wrong with the golf instruction being peddled to golfers.

Based on my analysis, if pros went about learning the game the way regular golfers do, they would never… and I mean never… make it to the PGA. Not in this lifetime.

If you’re serious about playing great golf… then… you must know what these mistakes are and how to avoid them.

Golf Mistake #1:

Falling For Quick Fix Gimmicks Doomed To Fail

The key to playing killer golf is simple.

Learn and properly practice the skills and techniques used by the best in the game. In other words, find out what top players are doing… and… model their exact training.

It makes my blood boil when I see inflated claims about some “revolutionary new method” you can master in 5 minutes. You’ve seen those ads too.

They read something like this…

“Nine year old boy discovers how to hit straight 300-yard
drives with a two-iron while lying flat on his back!”

Or like this…

“First time golfer reveals how you can sink 35-foot putts…
without any practice… after watching his 30-second home made video!”

Or this…

“Crazy golfer develops
new swing method that lets anyone… drop 20 strokes in 20 minutes…
by swinging the club backward!”

And so on and so forth.

Are you kidding me?!

The fact is, it’s easy to sell quick fixes. Everyone wants a fast way to hit longer drives, sink more puts… and slash scores. The reality is the best golfers on the planet DO NOT rely on gimmicks to play better.

Why? Because quick fix gimmicks simply don’t work.

No single “method” works for all golfers.

In most cases, these quick fixes do more harm than good.

The pros improve by working on their own unique swing. They do it using a structured golf-enhancement program based on what’s working now — today — on tour.

What I’m excited about is recreational golfers benefit from the same type of program. That’s why Elite Golf Academy members experience rapid improvement in record time.

Golf Mistake #2:

Focusing Too Much On The Full Swing
And Ignoring The Rest Of The Game

I’ll admit it.

Crushing long towering shots from the tee box or fairway is glamorous.

Nothing feels as good. Watching the ball fly sky-high and land a country-mile dead center down the fairway sure “pumps up” the ego.

Average golfers (the ones whose scores haven’t gone down in 50-years) fall in love with driving for power and accuracy… but… don’t practice the short game enough.

The problem is… when it comes to knocking strokes off your game… the money’s earned 150-yards in from the flag.

Pros practice ALL parts of the game with diligence.

The full swing is important… but… so is course strategy, putting, trouble shots and all the other elements of a solid complete golf game… if… you want the lowest scores possible on a consistent basis.

Elite Golf Academy members receive complete training to master all of the Eight Core Principles to better golf.

Golf Mistake #3:

The Wrong Training Process

I’m going to share a big secret with you.

Playing golf at your highest ability comes down to… one thing.

And that is: Mastering Movement.

You don’t have to hit balls on a regular basis to get better. You just have to learn the proper body motion for each part of the game.

The problem is few golf instructors know how to teach correct movement. Instead, the training process they use is based on full-speed. If you’re not athletic, forget about it.

The golf swing has too many moving parts. Average golfers simply can’t “catch on” when watching at full-speed. So, they miss crucial aspects of a correct swing.

You see, the human brain learns movement in a very particular way. Pro golfers rely on this secret to ingrain a smooth flowing swing into their muscle memory. Then they perfect the movement through specific repetition patterns.

The best part is: This golf training process is perfect for golfers at all levels. You don’t need the athletic physique of a Tiger Woods.

Elite Golf Academy members learn this “deep training” secret to quickly perfect their swing… and… conquer all aspects of the game.

Here’s how it works:

Elite Golf Academy is a 12-month online video golf program.

Below I describe everything members receive. Before you read that part, I think you’ll want to hear about another little-known secret crucial to playing better golf.

In the near future, private golf lessons for recreational golfers will be a thing of the past.

Because you can finally get the same high-quality instruction (reserved for the pros until now)… without… meeting the teacher in person… and… without… the big price tag. I’ll tell you how in a second. (And I’m pretty sure, if you’re like my students, you’re going to love this.)

Elite Golf Academy was created for the regular golfer… based on… the same curriculum I teach my private year-round students. Including students who have gone on to become individual golf champions. This training is proven in the real world. Where it counts.

8 Core Principles To Complete Golf Mastery!

The program features progressive and structured instruction. You’ll follow the same systematic approach my tour player students swear by.

An approach proven to produce golf champions. In case you don’t know, here are the eight specific parts of the golf game you must conquer to play the best golf humanly possible…

  • Full Swing
  • Distance Wedges
  • Trouble Shots
  • Pitching

  • Bunker Play
  • Chipping
  • Putting
  • Course Strategy
… plus a few extra secrets I only reveal to direct students

All my students (including the PGA Pros I personally train) focus on these principles. When you grasp them fully… and you will with my training program… no one… and I mean no one… can touch you on the links.

Take the full swing as an example.

Most golf instruction — especially the quick fixes on the market — centers on swinging the club. The problem is they try to radically modify your natural swing to fit a specific mold. Yet every golfer is different. No one fits a swing mold of any kind.

The difference with my training is that you will develop your own unique and ideal golf swing. Just like the tour players. A swing perfectly suited to your body type.

A swing with all the elements of width, tempo, impact position and swing plane.

So you can realistically blast cannon-shot drives. Not due to a quick fix or tip that may or may not work. But because of strategic and systematic development of the exact swing your body needs for consistently straight shots from anywhere on the course.

Once you learn this swing, out-driving and out-playing your buddies will become common place. Heck, you might have to find a more challenging group to play with.

‘Cause you’ll get bored slaughtering the usual suspects.

I can make these claims because I’ve seen the results of my students with my own eyes. The magic is in the instruction process. If you do what I suggest you can expect what all golfers crave…

Consistent Positive Results

You’ll learn how to consistently hit the ball solid. Consistently drive for distance. Consistently hit the fairways-in-regulation. Consistently shave strokes off your score. And watch your handicap consistently drop.

You will improve all areas of your game. Driving. Pitching. Chipping. Putting. You name it. You’ll have more fun playing and enjoy the game more than ever.

How is all this going to happen?

I’m glad you asked. And the best way for me to explain it is by taking you through…

The 12-Module Step-By-Step System To Golf Greatness!

Here’s what you get:

The training is structured around the most important parts of the game.

So you can become a consistently better player.

You get complete online access to…

  • Monthly How-To Videos: I’ll show you the principles and basic moves covering all eight of the core principles to mastering your game. Take your time. Watch the teaching videos at your own pace. And you’ll learn the secrets to great golf.
  • Monthly Skills And Drills Videos: I’ll show you how to properly practice what you learn in the how-to videos. So you can perform on the course with confidence.
  • Direct Access To Shawn Humphries: That’s right! You can send me (and other trainers on my staff) your most burning questions. I personally answer you to keep your game on track.
  • Private Forum: The member’s area includes a community forum so you can: post questions… interact with other members… trade “war” stories… and… keep yourself motivated throughout your journey to golf mastery.
  • Exclusive Articles: I’ll keep you on the cutting-edge of golf performance training with special articles you won’t find anywhere else. These articles cover every area of the game so you’re up-to-date on what’s working now to play better golf.
  • Exclusive Private Webinars: I broadcast live webinar events with members so you can ask me questions… tell me your concerns… and have me offer real solutions to improve your game quickly and easily.
  • Mental Performance Training: Dr. Bhrett McCabe is our sports psychologist. He and I will help you master the mental game of golf. So you learn how to silence self-doubts and play with the poise of a seasoned pro.

Just for an affordable annual membership in my Elite Golf Academy, I will give you instant online access to the videos I just described… that means ANYTIME, ANYWHERE… ON DEMAND!

Plus, you get to keep these videos… FOR A LIFETIME.

But wait!

I’ll tell you about those extra free videos in a moment. But first, before you can decide if joining my online golf academy is right for you, let me tell you more about it.

A BIG KEY to your success is practicing the skills and drills. I’m giving you the exact process my elite golf students use for engraining the proper movement for each of the 8 core principles of amazing golf.

The secrets you’ll learn (and they are secrets to 99% of regular golfers) will force-feed the correct swing motion and body movement into your neurological and muscular system. Once that happens, you’ll automatically hit gorgeous… controlled… and consistently long and accurate shots and putts. You’re going to love it!

Let’s go over a month-by-month breakdown of what the training consists of…



We’ll start at the beginning.

Making sure you know how to swing the club for maximum impact, power and accuracy. The videos in this series focus on the root fundamentals you must learn for a consistent swing.

The fundamentals include: grip… set up process… brushing of the tees, first position and second position.

A total of 15 how-to videos take you through the instruction. Don’t worry. They’re short. About two or three minutes each. So you learn in easy-to-consume chunks.

No matter how “bad” your swing is now… by the time you watch these videos and practice the drills… you’ll know… and I mean really know… how to swing the club for long deep drives and total accuracy.

From the tee box. From the fairways. From anywhere on the course.



During the second month, you will continue learning full swing mechanics.

Except now you’ll apply the lessons and drills to putting. Keep in mind, putting accounts for over 40% of your strokes. It’s also where games are won and lost.

You’ll discover: How to master body movement for a putting stroke that’s “in the money” every time… How to drop long-range putts that seem impossible to make… The ideal putting stance for playing scratch golf… A simple way to guarantee you make solid contact with the ball before you hit it… and… much more!



Chipping makes up more than 50% of the game.

Getting to scratch depends on how well you hit chip shots.

This month I’m going to teach you the right way to chip… and… the biggest mistakes to avoid. I’m sure you (or someone you know) have hit chunkers that go nowhere. Or skulled the ball clear across the green.

That won’t happen any more.

Not after you absorb the golf lessons in this month’s videos.

I’ll reveal: The proper grip, set up and ball position for a beautiful chipping stroke that’ll bring tears to your eyes… Why standing close to the ball is crucial to chipping with accuracy… How to choose the right club… How to hit a controlled chip shot so the ball lands on the green and rolls to the flag… and much more!



Distance wedges make up 50% to 60% of your game.

When your short game is sharp… well then… golf is easy. The pros practice perfecting their short game because that’s where the big money’s made. I’ll teach you their secrets.

Here’s what you’ll learn this month: How to choose the right wedge clubs… How to control distance and place balls with pinpoint accuracy by chossing the right wedges… How to keep the club from “spooning” sand and ruining a solid hit… How to pop the ball out of the bunker when it’s above your feet… The best wedge to use when the ball is “sitting on sand” below your feet… How to escape “fried egg” bunker lies that used to drive you crazy… and much more!



Two-thirds of a golf score depends on your short game.

The “Magic 150-Yard Ring” is where all the action happens. You win or go home crying based on whether you know the secrets of precision golf or not. This month you’ll discover how to pitch it snug against the flag for a… one-putt finish!

You’ll learn: What you really want to accomplish when pitching the ball… The best way to work on your pitch shots… The ideal situation in which to use a 52-degree wedge… The ideal situation to use a 56-degree wedge… How to avoid clubbing the turf at impact… How to make sure the ball lofts in the air and over the bunker… and much more!



We’re now at the half way point in the program.

When you get this far, you can expect to have reached several milestones. The biggest of which is: You will be hitting the ball consistently where you want it to go!

This month you’ll continue perfecting your bunker play. Specifically, I’m going to teach you the proper set up and strategy for bunker shots. Because there’s nothing worse than shanking one into the sand. The chances of three-putting — or worse — are extremely high.

We’ll spend this month honing your bunker game to a thing of beauty. When you’re done here, the sand will never scare you again. I promise you!



Trouble shots plague most golfers to no end.

So I’m devoting an entire month of training to help you overcome this demon.

Here’s what you’ll discover: How to play a ball above your feet and why using a regular swing plane won’t work in this case… How to hit a ball below your feet without slicing or losing your balance… The proper body position when dealing with an uphill or downhill lie… How to hit the ball out of the rough and onto the fairway… How to fire the ball a few feet off the ground for graceful low shots… and much more!



In your eighth month of training it’s finally time to hit the course.

The training videos in this series focus on what to do before, during and after playing a round of golf. Follow my advice and you’ll have a lot of fun without setting yourself up for failure.

The training covers: Why it’s best to slowly progress to playing a full 18-holes of golf… A modified par system for keeping score… How to identify your current skill set on the course… Which tee box to use when starting out… How to properly tee a golf ball…

Plus: How to avoid getting frustrated with your game… Why you should tee the ball up everywhere on the course (yes, even on the fairway!)… How to build your confidence and efficiency on the course… and much more!



Putting can make or break your game.

For this reason, I’m giving you advanced putting secrets few regular golfers will ever discover. Think of it this way: On a full 18-hole course, scratch golfers must putt 36 times. Which means, if you’re not a scratch golfer… then… you putt more than 36 times per round.

On the other hand, if the rest of your game stayed the same… and all you did was improve putting… then… your score would almost automatically drop like a lead balloon.

This month you’ll learn: How to imprint the correct putting movement into your muscle memory… A secret to putting success from any distance… How to create a straight path from the ball to the center of the cup… and much more!



I’m emphasizing this part of the short game because it brings most golfers to their knees.

Therefore, you’re going to dominate bunker play… so… you’ll never again feel the blood pressure pumping frustration so many golfers suffer round after round.

You’ll discover: How to drill a ball out of the bunker with a controlled chip shot… How to easily escape a steep incline from the sand… Exactly where and how to hit a ball caught in a downhill
Why your hybrid club may be the best choice when chipping… and much more!



Golf training is not complete unless you tackle this critical subject.

More games are lost by pros due to a lapse in concentration (also known as “choking”) than any other reason. So you better believe getting a handle on your mind is crucial to success.

This month our resident golf psychologist, Bhrett McCabe reveals: How to prepare your mind as you’re driving to the golf course… How to calm your pre-round jitters… How to get the most out of the program and Shawn’s expert instruction…

Plus: A simple way to motivate yourself to succeed… What to think about between shots to play at your best… How to deal with course distractions… How to deal with a disappointing round… How to keep a good start going… and… how to correct a bad start!

And much more!



If you’re a serious golfer you WILL make it this far.

And if you do, I’ll teach you how to tame any course no matter how hard. Because, you see, even if you improve your tee shots, irons, short game and putting… it’s still not enough.

Playing the best golf humanly possible requires managing whatever course you step foot on. In the last month of your training, you’ll learn the secrets of pro-level course management. This is the biggest problem most golfers wrestle with after getting good.

However, it will not be a problem for you any more. I’m willing to bet (after going through this month’s training) you’ll beat any course. Even in bad weather. You’ll see!

Amazing! Don’t you agree?

As an Elite Golf Academy member you can work through the training at your own pace. You get fast feedback and learn to coach yourself.

This program is also perfect for golfers who get snowed-in during the winter months. Because you don’t have to hit balls to get better. Remember, progress in golf comes from mastering the correct swing motion and body movement.

I have students all over the country, Canada and the world.

With the right feedback (a mirror and a video) anyone can coach themselves… and… see consistent progress in their golf game. Say goodbye to ultra-pricey (and unnecessary) lessons.

Plus, you’re not limited by location either.

An internet connection is all you need to receive some of the…

Best Golf Instruction In The World!

I mean it!

To prove this is true, let me tell you a quick story…

One of my PGA pro students is Brandt Jobe. Brandt suffered a horrific accident back in 2006. While cleaning his garage, the broom snapped. Metal shards sliced off the tip of his left index finger and the bottom of his left thumb.

That night, a surgeon miraculously reattached the severed digits. However, Brandt has lost most of the feeling in those two fingers.

Unlike most pro golfers, he can’t rely on “feel” to guide his swing.

Brandt needed a new golf swing otherwise his competetive playing days were over. He hired me and I was instrumental in rebuilding his golf swing. As a result of working with me, Brandt made his first three cuts of the 2011 season.

By doing so, he was given a lifetime excemption on the PGA tour after making his career total of 150 tournament cuts.

The kind of instruction I gave Brandt to compete at the highest level in golf is the same kind of instruction you’ll get from me.

This just might be your best chance to learn golf from a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher. Someone who works with the best amateur and pro golfers on the planet. Someone who coaches a long list of famous students. Someone who knows what it takes to help you get to the next level quickly and easily.

Let me lay it on the line…

The kind of world-class instruction I offer Elite Golf Academy members has been out of reach for recreational golfers. That is… until now!

Before I set up this membership, you had two choices: (1) Attend one of my expensive golf training camps starting at $500 a day… or… (2) Hire me to coach you privately for $250 a lesson. With a minimum of 7 lessons, you’d shell out at least $1,750.

Probably… more!

However, the Elite Golf Academy allows you to get…

Pro-Level Training From A Top 100 Golf
Teacher That Regular Golfers Can Afford!

How affordable is the Elite Golf Academy?

I’m glad you asked. Because I wanted any serious golfer to be able to join.

You can get the ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP plus LIFETIME ACCESS for a low price of $276 or take advantage of a payment scheme of $99 for 3 installments.

(Note: In the near future, I might raise the membership fee. However, anyone who joins now will lock in the lowest tuition price for the duration of the 12-month training… AND… get lifetime access at no extra charge!)

You get everything I mentioned above: the training videos… skills and drills videos… coveted pro golf secrets… the entire curriculum for a drop in the bucket. Plus… all the bonus videos you can keep just for saying “maybe” to my more-than-generous offer. That’s my way of thanking you for giving my program a try.

But don’t worry!

You’re also covered by my…

100% Full Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!

Which means, you are not obligated to continue beyond the first month or any month after that… unless… you’re a serious golfer who loves the training I offer. If you’re not convinced my program will… without a shred of doubt… make you a better golfer… no problem.

You can cancel your membership at any time. I’ll personally see to it that you get every penny you paid for that specific month. This way you’re never on the hook.

Here’s How To Get Started Right Now…

I’ve done my best to explain how and why my program will revolutionize your golf game.

Now the ball’s in your court…

You could either: (1) Shrug your shoulders and pass. This, of course, is fine. Except I doubt if your game will get any better doing what you’ve been doing.

Or: (2) Keep chasing after the next quick fix. Getting ripped-off by peddlers of so-called “new swings”… and… other hype. You’ve probably wasted a bundle on that nonsense. But it’s your choice.

Or you can: (3) Take me up on this RISK-FREE offer to learn the real skills and techniques PGA pros and up-and-coming amateurs are relying on now — in today’s game — to win.

I honestly believe, joining Elite Golf Academy will be the best decision you’ll ever make. As far as you golf game is concerned. I wouldn’t offer this training if I hadn’t proven how effective it is. You have my word that the instruction I provide is… first class!

When you join on a trial basis, you can look forward to…

developing a power swing to die for!

consistently hitting accurate, straight, long shots!

dominating the links from the tee box to the cup!

and… finally enjoy playing at your highest potential.

Regardless of your age, gender or physical condition. So go ahead and pull the trigger.

You’ve got nothing to lose but a pile of strokes off your score…

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