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In “Short Game Precision” DVD you’ll discover how to…

  • Create the perfect chipping setup
  • Determine your prime landing point
  • Calculate the “flight/roll ratio” for laser accuracy
  • Select the right wedge for your chip shots
  • Use the proper technique to chip like a pro

…along with many other Short Game Principles that can drop MASSIVE strokes off your score!

By using the simple ratio process, you will uncover the fastest way to improve your short game – Guaranteed!

While “Short Game Secrets” Digital Video Series takes those short games skills you’re mastering in the Short Game Precision to unbelievable heights, using such simple-yet-powerful drills as…

  • How to get precise with your distance wedges using Shawn’s “distance wedge reducing process.”
  • How to finish your chip shot so you get close to the pin (and avoid thin shots that lead to bogeys).
  • How to develop “chipping touch” so you hit your distance every time.
  • How to make your chip shots bite. (Get your ball to check, roll out, and nestle up to the flag — instead of running across the green.)
  • How to chip from the rough. (Plus, how it’s different from other chip shots.), and so much more!

This 9-part video series provides exciting games to ramp up your practice sessions.

Roughly 79% of your score is based on how well you play distance wedges… and… pitch and chip shots. Master this part of the game and no one can compete with you.

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