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What Improves Your Game Faster: Over 90 Minutes of Professional Golf Instruction from a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher (Whose Method Even Impressed the Great Byron Nelson)…or a New Box of Balls?

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ONLY: $47
Regular Price: $130
You Save: $83
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“One of the best things about my nearly eighty years in golf is seeing a young pro come along who understands the golf swing the way I do.Shawn Humphries is just such a golf professional, and I’ve been impressed with him from the first time we met.”- Byron Nelson

That’s correct…for a very limited time, I’ll hand you more than an hour-and-a-half of private, in-depth golf lessons—the same type I give to my PGA Tour students and celebrity clients—for about the price of a new box of ProV1s.

This amazing 50% off deal bundles two of my biggest selling training products—Two Steps to a Perfect Swing and How to Build a Repeating Swing—into one easy-to-follow instructional that can not only help you make the best swing you can possibly make…but also REPEAT it whenever you wish.

Because let’s face it—how many times have you pured your driver…or a long iron into a par 5…or a wedge to kick-in range…but it’s ONLY shot you hit well all day? With my DVD bundle, we’ll zero on the elements of your swing that are wreaking havoc in your game—then hand you the tips, tactics, and techniques to help you eliminate them entirely and elevate your game to a completely different level.

Plus, during this limited-time offer, you’ll not only receive these 2 power-packed DVD sets (plus my Two Steps to a Perfect Swing training manual), but you’ll also get FREE BONUS videos on putting, sand play, the secrets I learned from Byron Nelson, and MORE if you upgrade to the Deluxe package.

Here’s the details…

Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing

Retail Price: $64.95

Experience golf instruction like never before with Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing. Developed by Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Shawn Humphries, this revolutionary method’s well-tested success is due to its sheer simplicity. In this DVD, Shawn explains the fundamentals of the game in easy-to-understand language.

Discover the proper grip of the golf club, the proper ball position, the proper posture and setup, and the proper execution of the all-important swing. At the heart of his instruction, Shawn guides you through the two key elements of a perfect golf swing: Position One and Position Two.

This method benefits players of all skill levels, providing:

  • A solid starting point for new golfers
  • A sharp focus to help seasoned golfers
  • Ways for all golfers to eliminate flaws in their swing
  • Methods to reinforce and polish technique

Beginners and intermediate players alike will improve their scores and enjoyment in their game once they understand Humphries’s two positions. It won’t take years, months, or even weeks to experience substantial game improvement. This is an easy-to-execute, and more importantly, proven method for making progress fast.

Playing better golf is as simple as “one, two” with “Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing”. This innovative and informative book and DVD will help perfect your golf swing by using proper fundamentals and streamlining the swing into two steps.

How to Build a Repeating Swing

Retail Price: $64.95

Discover the perfect way to break down every aspect of the golf swing: from address to backswing and through impact. Picking up where “Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing” left off, this DVD gives you a solid foundation of each element of the swing with guidelines and key checkpoints along the way.

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Shawn Humphries has the solution to building a solid foundation to every element of your swing.

  • Uncover insights and checkpoints to improve every position.
  • Simple guide to refine your preswing, takeaway, backswing, transition, downswing, impact and release.
  • Add just a few new wrinkles to pay huge dividends.
  • No quick fixes or gimmicks! Just a solid foundation for building a repeatable swing that holds up under pressure.
  • Discover how to create the all-important “L”, maintain swing width, and much more!

By slowing down your movement and creating checkpoints at each position, you’ll have the confidence to put all of the elements into one motion. Get it now, and in a couple of days, you’ll be on your way to a better game.

Backed By a Rock-Solid ONE YEAR Money-Back Guarantee!

We’re so positive that your game will be transformed by the Two Step Golf Swing Training System and all the additional training that comes with it that we’re standing behind everything with this promise…

Take an entire year to test drive the program. Watch the videos and study the e-book. If, after 365 days, your game has not improved because of my Two Step Golf Swing Training, just let us know and we’ll arrange for a full 100% refund.

No questions. No fine print. No hoops to jump through. Just a written-in-stone promise—you don’t get better, you don’t pay. Simple as that.

So, Let’s Get Started!

ONLY: $47
Regular Price: $130
You Save: $83
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Shawn Humphries
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher


Q: What are the differences between the two DVDs?
Shawn designed this to be a progressive training. “Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing” gives you everything you need to master the basics of the swing. “How to Build a Repeating Swing” compliments the first by going into much more detail and providing checkpoints at each part in the swing. Together, these two training DVDs give you a complete view of the swing to grow and master.

Q: How to you recommend that we work through the concepts in these DVDs?
I suggest that you start by watching Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing. Master your address position, grip and the two steps. Start using the Performance Training techniques explained in the video. Go to the practice range and put the Two Step Process into action. When you feel confident with the material, it’s time to move on to How to Build a Repeating Swing. Watch the video and work on the concepts inside. Go to the practice range and use the checkpoints to correct any errors you may have. Before you know it, you will have a repeatable swing you can count on 365 days a year.

Q: What is your return policy if I decide the training isn’t for me?
A: I offer a 365 money back guarantee on all of my training DVDs. If you don’t absolutely love the DVDs, send them both back within 365 days, and we will give you a full refund minus shipping and handling.

Q: Can I take advantage of the sale if I live outside of the U.S.?
A: Yes, international golfers can participate in the sale. Just make sure to enter your correct billing and shipping information on the order page.

Q: What if I have any additional questions not covered on this page?
Please send your questions to support@shawnhumphries.com. You may also give us a call at 972-793-7255.

Here’s what some of my students have to say…

Dear Shawn: I have been with your training programs (videos) now for about 1.5 years. I have 3 of the training videos. The last one that I bought- "Two Steps To a Perfect Golf Swing" is the best training video I have ever used. I had to watch the video many times and go practice and I was getting close to what you teach, but it took time to get it to cover up the flaws I already had in my swing. The past week or so I have gotten a better “groove” of what you are teaching and can score better, feel better and have the confidence that this will work. I am very happy with the results that I am having. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I am 75 years old; been playing for 20 years; have a 13 handicap and have improved my golf game thanks to your video. I usually shoot 85 and up, but now I have in the past few days shot 79, 82 and today an 80. Kudos to you.

Roger K.

The Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing DVD resolved the mystery of how to make a perfect back swing for me so that the club is automatically set at shoulder height at the top of the backswing with the butt of the golf club pointing down toward the ball at address. This made the uncoiling of the hips and downswing occur more naturally and has put a nice right to left ball trajectory on my ball flight. It also helped me avoid the life long tendency of having my right shoulder come around rather than down inside the line on the downswing. I give it and Shawn’s Short Game [pitching] video the credit for reducing my handicap from 33.4 down to 12.9 in less than one year. Thanks, Shawn !

Greg C.

Greg C.

Thanks! Great stuff. I've sampled more than 2 dozen golf instructors via DVD or online and your explanations and drills are the best. Clear, helpful, and friendly with excellent video and sound. I also have your "Two Step" book on my Kindle.

Jim H, Glen Ellyn, IL

Pass on to Shawn for me that his instruction has helped my swing immensely. I've tried many different instructors’ materials over the last several years and his makes the most sense.

David M., Sheridan, IN

Thanks again for your help. You have a way of breaking down your teaching process that makes it easy for me to understand.

Roger M., Kansas City, MO

I started using the two-step approach even though I consider myself an experienced golfer. Breaking down the basics like you did in your book and DVD really helped me with my game at the end of the season. I seem to be hitting it longer and straighter (more times than not).

I have to tell you that I had subscribed to a few other golf instructors on the web, but after finding you and realizing that you are the same instructor who wrote the article in Golf magazine back in March 2007, I unsubscribed from all those other instructors and just look to you for your clear, concise, simplistic step by step guide.

Tom I. Chicago, IL

Your Two Step Swing Video was great. You explained and taught well. Worked a couple days at home on your techniques, and played yesterday with my buddies, never hit the ball so solid and crisp. Thanks again, set up a golf room in my house, will work on your techniques throughout the winter.

Gary M. West Linn, OR

Your [How To Build A Repeating Swing] DVD is terrific. After decades of repeating the same swing errors on the range, I now know the proper swing plane positions during the golf swing back and forward. I'd review my swing positions with your DVD and it greatly improved the efficiency of practice on the driving range.

Barry H.

Today I went to my golf club and used for the first time your techniques on the repeatable swing DVD. I was very pleased with many of the results particularly the arms away from the body and keeping my right shoulder back while allowing my arms to let gravity work along with the back of the left hand squaring the club up for maximum contact.

The practice on my golf mat with mirror in the basement (12 foot high ceiling) was indispensable and allowed me to break down each part of the DVD without the use of a ball. I then went to the club driving range to sense the feeling by hitting balls and looking at the results.

THANK YOU AGAIN for helping me to finally find a total swing that I have total confidence in. I played several competitive sports and practiced hard at achieving a high degree of skill but none of them although challenging, could ever match the difficulty of golf. That is the reason why we need very capable golf teachers like yourself. We need enjoyable experiences more than ever in our society now and please continue to fulfill our needs.

Bill D., Mahwah, New Jersey

“I just wanted to call and thank you because I hadn’t played golf for a while. I went out and played, and I was absolutely awful. So I went and got your video How to Build a Repeating Swing. It’s the greatest video ever made.

After watching it once, my confidence rose even before swinging a club. I went in the back, practiced, couldn’t wait to get to the driving range. Went to the driving range, and was hitting like a beast. Took it out to the golf course. And this is after watching the video. Within two weeks I was in the golf course.

I shot bogey golf in the front nine, but I could tell I was just right there on the cusp. The back nine… 4 over… and I was driving like a madman and my short irons were great. The nine… pitching wedge… I hadn’t hit better. And it’s because of your video. It’s the greatest video ever made. Any golfer should take a look at it. Thank you again, Shawn.”

Tim M. from Dallas, TX

“I saw immediate results with your method and continued to practice and stick to what I saw in the article. Craving more information, I purchased your DVD and it took my game to the next level. Twelve months later my handicap is down to a solid 5 and I have shot even par three times.....
Your explanation of the takeaway in the DVD made a huge difference, kept me from rolling my arms and getting off plane. I wasted a lot of years doing it wrong, believe me....”

Dan W. Sacramento, CA

“I bought the "How to Build a Repeating Swing" DVD for myself. I was at about a 10.0 handicap, and feel that the video has helped me tremendously. Although I had managed to cut about 3 strokes or so this past summer with just some good hard discipline & practice, I thought I had bottomed out as far as progressing below a 10 handicap. With the way I'm swinging now, after some minor changes I learned in your DVD, I think I can do much better. If it wasn't for the cold, I think I'd already be at 9.0 and getting better. My changes were mostly with the backswing & transition (and subsequently my rhythm & tempo), as these were the weakest area of my game, and most noticeable in my mid & long irons. Any improvement here is going to reduce my handicap quickly. Your DVD was instrumental in this change.”

Mark L., Frisco, TX

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