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April ’09 UPDATE:  We had a great first month of Club 8.  There is no doubt that there are some serious golfers in this group.  We did tons of video work, short-game training on flighting the ball and distance putting.  It sure makes a difference when you spend time on video with your instructors.  It constantly reinforces via a visual format the changes the students are making or intending to make and sure speeds up the process.  In addition, it is a pleasure to work with students who are so passionate about the game and getting better in the 8 Principles of golf.  These students are already reaping the results of “plan, practice and perform”.

In 2009, we are entering an era where things have changed.  How we do business.  How we perceive the world.  How golf is taught!  And, most importantly, how we spend our hard-earned money.  As our media is instantaneously updated, you need little reminder of the state of the union as it has spiraled from crisis to turmoil and finally, depression.

In the golf world, tradition has recently met with many changes as well (some great, some not so great!).    Consequently, I have chosen to alter my traditional approach to golf instruction with nuggets of wisdom gleaned from consultation with some of the best business leaders, coaches at the highest level and my personal mentors.  Taking into consideration the extremely valuable nature of a passion and hobby like golf in these troubled times, Club 8 was born.

Club 8 is a year-round training club that is designed especially for you, the serious golfer, and your game.  The focus is on understanding your strengths and weaknesses and, through a diligent, all-encompassing statistical-based program, turning your dedicated practice time into tangible, measurable results.  You commit the time, passion and energy and we provide the structure, statistics and technology.  I created this program to fuel your passion for golf in a way you have never thought possible.