Schools & Training

Heading into the fall golf season, we reflect on our summer at Sunriver Resort. Our SHGP Mobile Performance Academy was a perfect compliment to the outstanding facilities and second-to-none scenery.

With our summer finished at Sunriver Resort in Sunriver, OR, we had many successes with our guests. Our program featured a number of fantastic offerings including our daily 2-Step Beginner Clinics, 1-Day Golf Schools, 3-Day Golf Schools, and private lessons. It was a very busy summer. Resort guests from all around the country joined us for instruction.

Throughout the summer, our 2-Step Clinics were a huge hit!  The student received my 2-Step Process in a 1 hour clinic format.  With a low student-to-instructor ratio and a focus on the essentials to “getting your feet wet”, I believe we were able to convert some “regular” people into golfers.  In addition, each student received a signed copy of Two Steps To A Perfect Golf Swing by yours truly.

And, I know I’ve told you time and time again, Sunriver Resort is one of the most comfortable learning settings I’ve ever experienced.  Students can work all day on their game while not getting beat down by the heat.  Highs are typically in the 80’s with close to 0% humidity.  This type of weather doesn’t zap the energy of the student and they are constantly refreshed.  Not too bad for us either….

Here are a few pics from our programs at Sunriver.  Enjoy!


Sunriver summer 09Sunriver swing

Sunriver guests