Schools & Training

We begin our 2010 golf season with multiple training options including Club 8, SHGP Academy

at Sunriver Resort, executive schools/programs and our junior golf programs.

CLUB 8:  We begin our 2nd CLUB 8 season and look forward to building upon the success we had in 2009.  Many of our members improved their skills, scores, and, most importantly, their confidence on the golf course!  Congrats to them and we look forward to welcoming you to this group.

SHGP ACADEMY AT SUNRIVER RESORTSunriver Resort in Sunriver, OR, is one of the finest teaching facilities I’ve ever been associated with and we will kick-off our schools in June.  The summer school schedule is due to be posted later this month.  We’ll keep you updated!

EXECUTIVE SCHOOLS:  One of the programs we enjoy the most, our executive golf school program is a robust experience with numerous opportunities for skill enhancement, training, on-course game management and relationship building.  Check out our online brochure to get the details.

JUNIOR GOLF:  I take great pride in the accomplishments of our junior golfers.  If we “older adults” could harness the enthusiasm, desire and enjoyment our junior golf students get out of the game of golf, we would be much better on and off the course!

I can’t wait to get the season kicked off!  See you on the practice tee!