Performance Training

Shawn Humphries Golf Training Schools

If you’ve ever thought that you weren’t born with the talent for golf, you couldn’t be further from the truth. In the past few years, scientists have disproved the idea of athletic talent.*

In Shawn’s 20+ years of teaching, he has discovered that anyone can achieve elite golf performance with the right kind of training. With his deep training processes, you can play and strike the ball at any level you desire.

Shawn Humphries Golf Performance schools and training programs incorporate a comprehensive and detailed approach to teaching the game of golf. Each of these programs utilize an “8 PRINCIPLES” format to reach into each part of your game and arm you with knowledge and skill sets to accomplish your goals.

Full Swing Distance Wedges
Course Strategy Putting
Pitching Trouble Shots
Chipping Bunker Play

With Performance Training, you’ll slow down the movement of your swing. Then, you’ll work on the drills over and over, repeating the same movements until they become second nature. In the end, you’ll perform at a much higher level.

Shawn has several performance training programs to meet your needs. Whether you are an individual ready to begin a 12-month online training program, a junior golfer who is passionate about reaching the next level, a serious golfer in the DFW area ready to join an exclusive club, or a recreational golfer looking for instruction at a 3-day golf school, Shawn Humphries Golf Performance has the solution!

*Refer to books like The Talent Code, Talent is Overrated, and The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance for more information on the science behind how the brain builds new skills.