Individual Schools


Schools will resume in 2014.

Experience the hands on training of your dreams with a Shawn Humphries Golf Performance School. Each of our schools incorporates a comprehensive and detailed approach to teaching the game of golf. Shawn and his staff utilize an “8 Principles” format to reach into each part of your game and arm you with knowledge and skill sets to accomplish your goals.

Shawn’s teaching philosophy has been with him since 1989 and is based on helping you understand strengths and weaknesses in your own unique game and enabling you to coach yourself as you improve.

We have three unique training programs:

Ball Striking & Scoring School:  Hit it farther and straighter off the tee with a serious driving-improvement plan developed by Shawn Humphries, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher. This 3 day school will give you a heavy dose of extra distance and accuracy that comes with building a fundamentally solid, repeatable ball-striking swing.

Short Game Performance School: Scoring becomes easy when you know the tricks to getting the ball in the hole. In this 3 day school, Shawn Humphries works with you personally on pitching, chipping, bunker play, and your wedges. This is a MUST do school for anyone serious about lowering scores.

SHGP Alumni School: These exclusive schools are for alumni of previous SHGP golf schools. It is a special weekend working on your game, playing golf and building your skills in each of the 8 principles of the game.

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