Shawn's Travel Journal – Heading home to Dallas

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This month: Heading Home to Dallas

We just made our drive back from Sunriver Resort,  Sunriver Oregon.  Making the drive is a solid 2.5 day of driving with approximately 35 hours of wind shield time.  Headed out of Sunriver at approximately 7:00 am on Sunday.  Cruised south-east into the corner of Nevada, man you talk about in the middle of no where.  Crossed the Nevada line and headed due east into Salt Lake City.  Have never driven across the salt flats……what a cool drive.  Its looks like snow / light blanket of sleet on the ground.  Made it to the east side of Salt Lake City and called it a day around 11:00 pm.

Monday morning, hit the road at 6:30 am–headed to Cheyenne Wyoming–550 miles of wind-shield time.  Made it to Cheyenne without a hitch.  Headed south into Denver and south east to Amarillo.  Pulled into Amarillo around 11:30 pm.  Good to hit the Texas border.

Up at 5:30 am headed to Dallas.  Easy drive headed into big “D”.  Arrived in early afternoon…….and hit the ground running.

Driving across the country is great, gives you sometime to get into your mind and get some things organized–or at least try.

Looking forward to next summer–back at Sunriver Resort.