Shawn's Travel Journal – Dallas to Sunriver road trip!

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This month: Road Trip to SHGP Academy in Sunriver, Oregon

Just made the long haul with our new performance trailer in tow (see pics in our blog Schools/Training section) from Dallas to Sunriver, Oregon, to set-up shop at Sunriver Resort.  We will be there most of the summer to conduct our SHGP Academies at their outstanding property.  The driving time was approximately 30 hours and man, what a haul it was!  Although the windshield time was extensive, it did give me the opportunity to just sit back, relax and reflect.  I’m guessing none of us just takes time out to do this while in our home environments as we have family, schedules and commitments. I drove through Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and finally on into Oregon.  It was beautiful country and the weather cooperated, which was one of variables I was concerned with, especially pulling that big trailer.  I left Dallas with temperatures in the 90’s and pulled into Bend, OR, where I was greeted with mid-60 to mid-70 daily highs.  What a difference! I have been coming here for 9 years and I never get tired of it! Come and see us in the Pacific Northwest…we won’t be here long as our schools end in September. Safe travels! Shawn p.s.  Check out the Schools/Training blog section for pics and info on the performance trailer and schools.