“In five minutes, I’ll show you one swing secret
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Imagine the perfect golf swing.

It’s a swing that always has the right width and plane. It’ll send the ball straight down the fairway every time. It never produces fat shots, hooks, or slices.

PGA players spend their entire lives working to create the perfect golf swing. They spend years hiring expensive coaches, analyzing every element of their swing, and fine-tuning their movement toward perfection.

So… does that mean that the recreational golfer will never find success? After all, you have other aspects to your life besides golf: family, work, hobbies…

I’ve been teaching the golf swing to players of all skill levels for more than 20 years. And in that time, I’ve boiled everything you need to know into Two Easy Steps.

That’s right.

Just two easy steps, and you’ll strike the ball like never before.

Mastering two steps will give you the swing you’ve always dreamed of. Everything else (grip, stance, distance from the ball, and ball position) is merely preparation.

I want to make it so easy for you to find perfection that I’ve created an 7-part Mini Golf Clinic on the basics. It covers everything you’ll need before mastering the Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing.

But wait.

Did I mention that this course is absolutely FREE? Just enter your information above, and you’ll receive your first lesson in a matter of minutes.

About Shawn: Recognized as one of the leading golf instructors in the nation, Shawn Humphries has developed a simple 2-step process that has helped world famous CEOs, celebrities, athletes, and professional golfers improve their skills, their swing, and their scores. When former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Troy Aikman wanted to take his game to the next level, he turned to Shawn for guidance. Shawn was able to help Troy lower his handicap from a 14 to a 3 in under 18 months. Shawn Humphries can’t promise that everyone will experience as dramatic a result as Troy’s, but he can help you improve your game noticeably.