The Bookshelf – Purple Cow

Have you ever wondered what the elite coaches read each month?

This month: Purple Cow by Seth Godin

My friend, Dr. Paul Schempp, at the Sport Instruction Research Laboratory at the University of Georgia, recently polled the top expert coaches in their sport and asked them to send in the most influential reads in their lives. This list is amazing and with each blog I will personally share with you a book from the shelf of the great coaches and teachers of all time.

Purple COW:  Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable by Seth Godin.  Published by the Penguin Group 2003; Penguin Group (USA) Inc., 375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014.  U.S.A.  Copyright © Do You Zoom, Inc., 2002.

Purple Cow is an experience in separation.  As you can see from the quotes below, Seth Godin truly understands and communicates why and how the outstanding companies, organizations and groups separate themselves from all the other “cows”!

Back Cover Reviews
“Seth Godin may be the best intuitive marketer alive today.  He’s in that tiny subset of the niche within the microcommunity of people who simply get it.”
Randall Rothenberg, media and marketing columnist for Advertising Age, author of Where the Suckers Moon:  An Advertising Story

Purple Cow is a fascinating, entertaining look into how remarkable marketers take action to separate and elevate themselves above the herd.”
Lee Ann Daly, senior VP of marketing, ESPN, Inc.

Purple Cow is great inspiration for marketers who have the guts to make real changes and real impact.”
Amy Curtis, VP of JetBlue

“Splendid–full of interesting stories and crystal clear suggestions.”
Sam Hill, coauthor of Radical Marketing

Purple Cow…wrings out the rules that ring true for marketing in Godin’s post-TV-Industrial-Complex world.  Each of the hundreds of business examples is on the mark, but step back and you see that Godin has been carefully taking his own advice.  Seth Godin is a Purple Cow!”
Christopher Meyer, director of Cap Gemini Center for Business Innovation; author of Blur

Why will you never see a Purple Cow in the boardrooms of corporate America?  Seth Godin explains, in an entertaining way, how the small entrepreneur can consistently outthink and outmarket the big guys by following his purple path to success.”
Al Ries, coauthor of The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR

“I love this book!  Part wakeup call, part action plan, Seth Godin’s Purple Cow shows organizations how to add distinction-and avoid extinction-in today’s new economy.”
Tom Kelley, general manager of IDEO; author of The Art of Innovation