The Bookshelf – The Power of Who by Bob Beaudine

Have you ever wondered what the elite coaches read each month?

My friend, Dr. Paul Schempp, at the Sport Instruction Research Laboratory at the University of Georgia, recently polled the top expert coaches in their sport and asked them to send in the most influential reads in their lives. This list is amazing and with each blog I will personally share with you a book from the shelf of the great coaches and teachers of all time.

The Power of Who: You Already Know Everyone You Need to Know,

    by Bob Beaudine.  First edition:  January, 2009. Published by Center Street, Hachette Book Group, New York, NY.

    Take everything you have heard or learned about networking and just throw it out…Networking as we know it is crap!  It doesn’t work! – Bob Beaudine

    Do you know that key relationships have been specifically placed to help you in ways you never imagined.  Do you realize there are special people who are not just happenstance acquaintances but strategic relationships to help you find the life of your dreams?  Have you missed the simplicity behind this mysterious thing called destiny?  Perhaps the real problem of finding your dream or achieving your goal isn’t about who you don’t know, but whom you’ve neglected.

    In THE POWER OF WHO! Bob Beaudine presents a revolutionary concept that will get you moving toward your dreams and goals in ways you never imagined.  This book challenges many widely help presumptions, including the importance of traditional networking.  Instead he offers a different plan-a time-tested, unique approach.

    First Beaudine leads you to identify people within your group of friends and friends of friends who are the foundation for making connections.  Then he takes you through what you want to accomplish in life and encourages you to dare to dream, to dream big.

    Through his innovative approach, Beaudine changes the way people approach networking and extend help to others.  He offers you the opportunity to begin a wave-one that has a ripple effect on your world as you find your “Who” and discover what it means to be that for someone else.

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    See who’s commenting:

    “Bob Beaudine challenges you to think differently.  His unique approach to life and business has helped elevate many careers.”

    – Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL

    “Bob Beaudine’s The Power of WHO is a remarkable book. Written in a lively style, it is both an excellent practical guide to career success and a philosophy of life. Contrary to the trend of mindlessly multiplying your social network, Beaudine counsels that a person’s best assets are the relationships he or she already has and an honest sense of self. This is wisdom parading as common sense. This is a book for everyone!”

    – Myles Brand, President, NCAA

    “Bob Beaudine had me hooked by chapter two!  He articulates what we instinctively know: people matter most. God teaches this.  Our heart teaches this.  But we forget. You are holding a timely reminder.  I’m going to read it again.”

    – Max Lucado, New York Times bestselling author of inspirational Christian books

    The Power of WHO shows how you can win at business and life with friends.  There is nothing better than sharing the journey of a championship with friends!”

    – Troy Aikman, Color Analyst Fox Sports, Hall of Fame Quarterback-Dallas Cowboys, 3-time Super Bowl Champion QB

    “It’s as if Bob Beaudine read the front page this morning and offers us irresistibly practical solutions. If you need a job, want a better job, yearn to smash a sales record or want a richer life, The Power of WHO will show you how to use your network and your network’s network. But don’t be fooled: This isn’t soft stuff. This is a fiercely brilliant business concept, and it could not be more timely.”

    – Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton New York Times bestselling authors of The Carrot Principle

    The Power of Who is beautifully simplistic. Its premises are fundamental and the book is a must read for all. Bob Beaudine is the Master of the Obvious. But, it took him and his book to point it out to the world!”

    – George Killebrew, Senior Vice President, Dallas Mavericks

    “In The Power of WHO Bob Beaudine not only challenges us to get out of our box, but shows us how to do it. His fascinating method of improving relationships and accomplishing your goals is unique; however, he proves to the reader exactly how it can be done.”

    – Bill Self, Head Basketball Coach, University of Kansas, National Champions 2008

    The Power of WHO is the biggest, simplest idea that has ever hit the scene for effectively building, growing and sustaining relationships!”

    – Todd Duncan, New York Times bestselling author-motivational speaker-sales trainer

    The Power of WHO provides great lessons about how to succeed in business and in life.  If you surround yourself with quality people and great friends, the sky’s the limit.”

    – Wayne Gretzky, Owner, Managing Partner and Head Coach, Phoenix Coyotes

    “I believe in The Power of WHO! The life lessons and secrets of success Bob Beaudine outlines are invaluable at any point in your career.”

    – Jerry Colangelo, Chairman Phoenix Suns, Managing Director USA Men’s Gold Medal Basketball Team

    “When you discover that You Got “Who”, then… No one and I mean No one, comes into our house and pushes us around!”

    – Daniel “RUDY” Ruettiger, internationally acclaimed author, speaker, student athlete-University of Notre Dame

    “For nearly three decades, Bob Beaudine has enlightened the industry leaders in sports with his wise counsel, thoughtful insights and entertaining illustrations to identify the best and brightest talent available for each specific challenge and to grow our business. Now, he is using that same knowledge and expertise to help you develop your “Who” and capture the job of your dreams.”

    – David Baker, Former Commissioner of the Arena Football League, former Mayor of Irvine, California

    The Power of WHO is the ultimate turnaround strategy people need today.

    It’s worked for our team and it will work for yours too!”

    – Scott Drew, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Baylor University

    The Power of WHO is about more than just relationships. It is life-changing!  It forces you to look inside yourself and it challenges your conventional thinking.”

    – Rick George, Executive Vice President and COO PGATOUR

    The Power of WHO is a stimulating guide of self discovery about leading a happier, healthier and more productive life. This book has opened doors of wonderful memories, long-forgotten, and inspired me to explore avenues of new beginnings yet to come.”

    – Nell Cahn, Wife and mother of two, is a national world bridge champion.  She is a WBF World Master and ACBL Grand Life Master who resides in Shreveport, La.

    “Bob Beaudine has figured out what makes the world turn! The Power of WHO is without question the answer we have been searching for on why and how to be successful. It’s a must read!”

    – June Jones, Head Football Coach SMU, National Coach of the Year, Former Head Coach-Atlanta Falcons, San Diego Chargers

    “Bob Beaudine has produced a clear, step by step life plan to harness the power of relationships. Bob is the best in the business today, and in The Power of WHO he shares a lifetime of professional secrets with you. The Power of WHO is a fast read, with powerful insight on every page.”

    – Steve Bartlett, Former Member of US House of Representatives, Former Mayor of Dallas, Texas, President and CEO of The Financial Services Roundtable

    “Bob Beaudine gets you back to the basics with a winning offensive strategy! Start the new season with The Power of WHO!

    – John Calipari, Head Basketball Coach, University of Memphis, Two Time National Coach of the Year, Conference USA Coach of The year, A-10 Coach of the Year.

    “Bob Beaudine inspires me! He’s my, ‘Who’ Coach! Let him be yours. You will be richer for it.”

    – Patrick McEnroe, USA Davis Cup Championship Coach, Color analyst ESPN, CBS, USTA GM Player Development

    “Two times in my life so far, Bob Beaudine has been my ‘Who.’  The first encounter was to the benefit of my oldest son and his dream job.  The second occasion literally extended the life of my dad’s best friend.  So, I have experienced first hand The Power of WHO from the author himself.  Bob has not only written a very powerful and practical book, he walks the talk.”

    – Randy Frazee, Author, Making Room for Life

    “You can read The Power of WHO in one day but the message will last you a lifetime!”

    – Steve Orsini, Director of Athletics, Southern Methodist University

    “People have always made excuses why Texas Tech could not play at a high level nationally and we have proved them wrong.  Bob Beaudine’s new book, The Power of WHO, knocks down the tired old excuses that stand between you and your dreams.”

    – Mike Leach, Head Football Coach Texas Tech University.

    “Be prepared, The Power of WHO will forever shift your philosophical and theoretical framework on attaining dreams and goals. Bob Beaudine forever shifted mine, when he told me, ‘You Already Know Everyone You Need to Know!’ This book should be required reading for global outreach!”

    – Bob Tiede, Director of Global Operations, Leadership Development, Campus Crusade for Christ International

    “The lessons on building and sustaining relationships contained within The Power of WHO can easily be applied to foster success in your professional and personal life. I highly recommend it!”

    – Omar Minaya, General Manager, EVP of Baseball Operations, New York Mets

    “Bob’s book explores a new way to think about and appreciate what you already have.  It is also a wonderful reminder that we should respect all the relationships we are fortunate enough to create in our journey through life.”

    – Gregg Tryhus, Entrepreneur, President/Owner, Grayhawk Development Inc.

    The Power of WHO is rich in wisdom and a must buy for those who are searching for their dream job or calling in life.  Bob Beaudine is my career coach and through his touching stories, humor and life lessons in this book, he will become yours as well.”

    – Ian McCaw, Director of Athletics, Baylor University