9 thoughts on “5 Ways Tip: Bump-n-Run

  1. Good morning,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I finally got my new laptop and changed ISP providers recently. After last night I was able to receive your tips. Still waiting for next Wednesday or last Wednesday hump day humor. Your short tips blow away the competition. Most of their tips are excess conversation without getting to the point. You have my vote..


    • Richard–we prefer to keep things simple around here on Hump Day. Glad you enjoy and appreciate the kind words.

  2. I enjoy the tips both for their usefulness and their simplicity. Lesson two was to be some information on the grip, but the video is a bump and run. Did I miss one thing? Thank you for all of the information.

  3. GOOD TIIP BUT GAP WEDGE CLOSE THE BALL IS GOING TO COME OUT HOT SO I JUST AIM RIGHT OF THE FLAG BECAUSE THE BALL IS COMING IN HOT LEFT OF THE FLAG. LEE TREVINO SHOWED ME THAT TRICK 25 YEARS AGO . SAY YOU ARE IN THE WOODS AND Cant pitch out and you have trouble all around you and you are 50 yds from the pin and a sand trap is in front of you and the only option is too play the ball in back of your stance with 6 iron or 7 iron and aim right of the flag and go back 3 quarters and hit down on it and the ball will run hot and thru the sand trap on to the green . thanks for the tip thad

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