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Swing Foundation: Lesson #1

I Want To Introduce You To The Science Of Learning

Thank you for your interest in discovering the Two Steps Golf Swing.

This is the first of seven mini-clinics I’ve prepared just for you. They’ll teach you everything you need to know before learning Position One and Position Two, the core of my Two Step Golf Swing. In this first lesson, I’ll explain a little about my style of golf instruction and why it is different from everything else on the market.

After years of working with the Dallas Cowboys and researching into the science of learning, I have discovered the BEST method to master golf – or any other sport for that matter.

Because the average person is lucky to retain 10% of the instruction he has received from an hour session, it is absurd to think that an hour a week of professional lessons is enough for a golfer to develop any sort of long-term improvement. Even though I built my career giving private lessons, after I saw how professional athletes from other sports trained, I realized that those principles should be applied to golf as well.

So, now I instruct golfers through what is called Performance Training. Unlike the private lessons of the past, performance training focuses on putting together a plan with specific, measurable goals. The next part of training is shaping your practice sessions around those goals.

For instance, going out to the driving range just to hit a bucket of balls won’t do much to improve your golf swing. But if you slow down the movement of your swing – to the two most fundamental steps… and repeat those steps precisely each time… you will notice dramatic improvement.

Performance training is the best way to improve your golf game – regardless of your current skill level. Beginners benefit from learning the correct movements from the start. Intermediate and advanced players will discover that slowing down your movement allows you to make calculated changes to your swing.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s lesson where I explain how to create the perfect grip.

Until then, if you are ready to develop a perfect golf swing in two easy steps, go ahead and check out my Two Steps Golf Swing Professional Training System.

Just click the link below to be on your way to better scores.

Playing better golf is as simple as “one, two” with Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing. This innovative and informative book and DVD will help perfect your golf swing by using proper fundamentals and streamlining the swing into two steps.

Order your system today, and in a few days, you’ll be on your way to a better game.

See you tomorrow!

Shawn Humphries
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

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11 thoughts on “2Step AR – Lesson 1 – Intro

  1. I already have the how to build a repeating swing dvd series is this more the same
    I review my dvds often my swing is tighter then ever I have lowered my hdcp by
    hitting more fairways and iron game is super solid now Do not want to purchase
    the same thing

  2. Hi Gary, the Two Steps To A Perfect Swing DVD is different from How To Build A Repeating Swing DVD. Nice to hear that the training is working pretty well. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey Shawn, your flop shot tip is one of the best tips i have had for a while.[lower hands]
    The two step system sounds interesting,i play off 8 but still have a consistency problem.
    However i have been sold crap a few times so i am always a bit skeptical.[should have taken the half price offer last week]

    • Wayne–Glad to hear the pitch shot technique is helping. If you are an 8 handicap–you don’t need help on your swing. The only way your going to lower your score is through a better short-game. And the only way to gain consistency is to be able to duplicate something. In order to duplicate you must master something. A system has to be in place for you to master. Once you do this–you will gain consistency.

  4. Shawn,
    I’ve really enjoyed this series but, as explained in an earlier note to you,
    I missed your #2 video on the correct grip. Please send that along if possible,
    I will appreciate it since being left handed, along with an break to that left
    arm playing ball and not healing correctly, I cannot supinate making (I think)
    the right grip difficult. Can you help an old guy to get better?

  5. My second attempt..I like very much your weekly Wensday tip of the week. I ned badly to improve my putting and I found in your store 2 training tools:Putting Bar ..and Putting map..and your comment about the 72 degrees. One is strait-back…and the second is back inside.Shall I buy both..and return one after trying ?? My english is not very goog but hope you understand that it seems to be contrary..or opposite.The putting bar..is the ball on the Bar ?..if so a strait peace of wood would do the same.
    I shall appreciate your comment and thank you.

    • Adre–go with the Putting Bar. Its designed for any putter and all putting strokes work on a arc at approximately 72 degrees. You will love the putting bar.

    • Ken–this is only available through the EGA Website. The content is proprietary and cannot be downloaded.


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