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Swing Foundation: Lesson #2

Do You Have A Slicer’s Grip? Find Out In Today’s Lesson…

Welcome back! This is the second of seven lessons I’ve prepared for you about the fundamentals you’ll need before learning the two steps golf swing. If you missed my last lesson, you can find it by clicking here.

Today, I’d like to show you how to always grip the club correctly.

Step 1: Left hand

Place your right hand on the shaft. Open up your left hand and place it at an angle from the base of the pinky to the second knuckle of the index finger. Both the pad of your thumb and the heal pad need to be on top of the club to create leverage.

Step 2: Right hand

Now, slide your right hand down the shaft of the club at an angle. When you reach your other hand, you can choose either the overlapping grip or the inter- locking grip.

Step 3: Pads Working Together

Looking at it from the front, the thumb is on the right, center line of the shaft. The three pads work together as one: the pad of the left hand, the pad of the left thumb, and the pad of the right thumb.

Check back for tomorrow’s lesson where I explain the 3-Point Stance.

Until then, if you are ready to develop a perfect golf swing in two easy steps, go ahead and check out my Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing Professional Training System.

Just click the link below to be on your way to better scores.

Beginners and intermediate players alike will improve their scores and enjoyment in their game once they understand these powerful two positions. It won’t take years, months, or even weeks to experience substantial game improvement. This is an easy-to-execute, and more importantly, proven method for making progress fast.

See you tomorrow!

Shawn Humphries
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

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3 thoughts on “2Step AR – Lesson 2 – Proper Grip

  1. Shawn, these tips of yours are absolutaly fantastic for me as a 19 handicapper. This club grip seems so simple and normal but if you dont do it the right way from the start you can be in big trouble. I urge any beginner golfer to take even simple little tips like these very seriously .IT WILL help you with the rest of your game. Thanks for this great cyber net coaching. Cheers, Strijdom

  2. Exactly the way I take the grip. Very systematic and repeatable. I am thoroughly enjoying these lessons. Great reinforcement to your book, which I read all the time.

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