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Swing Foundation: Lesson #5

Discover The Perfect Ball Position For Any Club

Welcome back! This is the fifth of seven lessons I’ve prepared for you about the fundamentals you’ll need before learning the two steps to a perfect golf swing. If you missed my last lesson, you can find it by clicking here.

Today, I’d like to show you how to find the perfect ball position for any club in your bag. Take three different golf clubs from your bag (one short iron, one middle iron, and one long iron).

Your short iron should be in middle of your stance.

The middle iron moves up just one ball position to the left.

The fairway metal moves up one position from there.

Check back for tomorrow’s lesson where I explain how to find the perfect distance from the ball.

Until then, if you are ready to develop a perfect golf swing in two easy steps, go ahead and check out my Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing Professional Training System. Just click the link below to be on your way to better scores.

Beginners and intermediate players alike will improve their scores and enjoyment in their game once they understand these powerful two positions. It won’t take years, months, or even weeks to experience substantial game improvement. This is an easy-to-execute, and more importantly, proven method for making progress fast.

See you tomorrow!

Shawn Humphries
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

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4 thoughts on “2Step AR – Lesson 5 – Perfect Ball Position

  1. Shawn,
    I’ve been enjoying your video tips but somehow missed the one on the “grip”.
    I would appreciate receiving this. I’m left handed and while in school,
    broke that arm playing ball.
    The arm did not heal properly and I cannot supinate it. Because of this, I feel that my grip
    isn’t correct.
    I will appreciate your response.
    John Martin

  2. Your ball position for the middle iron looks to be the one in the “middle” of your stance. The ball position for your driver looks to be significantly more toward the center or to the right than I’ve seen compared to the usual recommendation, which almost always seems to be off the left heel (which, incidentally, has always seemed too far forward for me).

    By the way, I’m a writer and I have written a collection of short pieces of fantasy/fiction, plus an overview of golf writing from the past 500 years. Among others, Ben Wright compares it to Michael Murphy’s and Steven Pressfield’s writing. You can see more on my website, reatonkelley.com. Any suggestions for agents and publishers to approach?

  3. Your overlap or interlock grip recommendation is difficult for my arthritic index fingers. To reduce significant pain the index fingers are taped and the baseball grip allows me to play. Any suggestion to use the proper grips would be welcome.

    • Waymon, No one is perfect and you have to find what works for you. The most important part here–it needs to be something you can duplicate on a regular basis. If you can achieve that you will achieve consistency.

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