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Swing Foundation: Lesson #7

How A Blind Golfer Taught Me The Power Of The Two Step Golf Swing…

Welcome back! This is the seventh and final lesson I’ve prepared for you about the fundamentals you’ll need before learning the two steps to a perfect golf swing. If you missed my last lesson, you can find it by clicking here.

Watch today’s video to find out how a blind man used my simple Two Step process to learn how to play golf. If he could easily learn and excel with these two positions, I promise that you can too. When you are proficient and comfortable with the positions, I challenge you to try them blindfolded. You will be amazed how much success you will have with it. I am so confident that these same techniques will work for you, that I guarantee it.

I hope you enjoyed this Swing Foundation Keys Mini-Clinic. Whether you decide to try my Two Steps Golf Swing Training System or not, the fundamentals you’ve learned in this series will help you keep your golf swing on a strong foundation.

See you on the course!

Shawn Humphries
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

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