Hit More Fairways

Incorrect: Option 1

You may have been told to tee the ball as high as you possibly can. If you do this, however, the clubface needs to move upward to impact at the center of the face. If the clubface doesn’t move upward, you will hit the ball at the high part of the face. This causes the ball to travel high in the air, making it very difficult to manage the direction of your ball flight.

Incorrect: Option 2

The next ball height is halfway above the clubface. This is a bit lower than the first option, but it still allows you to hit the ball on the high part of the clubface. Just like with option 1, if you hit the ball too high, it will be difficult to control the direction of your ball flight.

Correct: Option 3

The lower you tee the ball, the more likely you are to hit the ball on the bottom of the face. This will produce less spin so that your ball flight is straighter, allowing you to hit more fairways. The tour players with the most success always tee the ball about an inch and a quarter above the ground.

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