Fix Your Fat Shots

Step 1: Move closer to the ball!

There is a good chance you are standing too far away from golf ball forcing the club to work too much in on the backswing. If the club works in on the backswing, it will stick into the ground at impact. Check to see if you are the proper distance from the ball by placing a fist between the end of your club and your body.

Step 2: Work on your takeaway!

On your takeaway, try to keep the club out and in front of your body. If the club works too much to the inside on the takeaway, you will have trouble coming from the inside on the downswing.

Step 3: Round out your swing!

Bring the club above the ground to shallow out your golf swing. The goal is to get the club going around your body. Take a few practice swings 15 inches above the ground. Then practice at 10 inches above the ground. Repeat this drill at 5 inches above the ground, and then practice hitting the ball off a tee.

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