Fix Your Hook

Why it happens

Players who work the club too much from the inside are the ones who hook the golf club. The club comes too much off their right hip, and they are unable to square the clubface at impact.

“The Fix” Step 1: Hold the shoulders

On the backswing, turn back and feel like you are holding your shoulders at the top of your swing.

“The Fix” Step 2: Club Parallel

On the downswing, the club will fall in front of your body, parallel to the feet, ground, and target line. Notice how the club is no longer behind your body. Now, you can easily square up your clubface at impact without hooking the ball.

4 thoughts on “Tip: FYS $7 – Hook

  1. I have more trouble keeping my shots on line with my irons than I do my driver and woods. Does the same principle apply to hooking irons?

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