Fix Your Setup

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Too Far Away

Standing too far away from the ball means that your arms are overextended. This gives you too much bend in your upper body, forcing the club to come to the inside on the backswing.

Too Close To It

When players stand too close to the ball, the body is vertically too upright. This setup position makes you stand up too straight and doesn’t allow for enough knee flex.

The Perfect Distance

Make a fist with your left hand. Slide your fist back and forth between the club and your body. You should have just enough space to do this without touching the end of your club.

8 thoughts on “Tip: FYS $7 – Fix Your Setup

  1. Shawn. I tried your set up tip last year when I got it and I have to say it’s the first time I started to hit the ball on the sweet spot and got a lot better shots from it. This is one of my must’s when setting up. I started to hit shots I couldn’t even believe I hit them.
    Thanks Del

  2. Shawn I think that the tips you give are very precise and easy to use. I am starting my 53rd year playing golf and am looking forward to using quite a few of the tips that you have sent over the winter. Thanks.Matt.

  3. Thank you Shawn. I have been getting your tips for a while now but have simply not watched them.
    I did not know what I was missing. As I have gotten older I am finding it more difficult to keep my consistency. Your tips have simplified what I need to look for and do. Thanks again.

    • Kevin–thank you for the note. The content I produce is not fluff. Its real content–if you do the reps you get results. Keep it simple.

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