10 thoughts on “GR: Within 3 Feet of the Hole

  1. Shawn,

    I’m writing to ask if you can do a vidio on why I hit the ball fat on my 80 70 up to 40 yard short shots? I hit my 8 iron 150 Yds. with no trouble, but if I have an intermediate short shot I chunk it about half the time.


    • Richard–thanks for the note. First I would recommend that you fully commit to training the short yardage shots. 95% of the people that play the game will not commit to this. If you will spend 75% of your time on this–you will see greatness. It takes so much time and effort to learn. Good luck!

  2. too bad the next hole you will be a different distance and different grass and slope conditions. If next time you play this hole you land somewhere close to this location you will be all set as long as you remember how hard you hit it the last time.

    • Jack–that’s why we have to work so hard on different shots to build capacity and tolerance in our game. Its not just about one shot and that’s why the short-game is the most part. Think positive!

  3. Dear Coach H
    Love your short- short game tips; they helped me a great deal.
    Take one tip to practice each time . Had a bunch of one-putt yesterday playing par 3 course (some with 200-240 yd holes) I told my husband I have to give a Coach Shawn credit so here I am, thank you. (I asked my husband how many one-putt I had; he said a bunch – 4 in a row to start with “you kicked my butt in putts” he said). That was after I watched & applied the B&R tip. The “super size your flop shot” tip is another great tip & tool to have. No brainer – your tips work, if we apply correctly & practice, practice practice…
    Please please consider do tips on Apps that need no internet connection to open. That would be wonderful. I bought couple Apps from a famous golfer & another coach along with your SH Golf Pro, andI do like your tips the best. Unfortunately, your app needs internet connection to open which I didn’t realize before purchasing. No regret however as they are the best & simple & to the point instructions available.
    Thank you again! I look for your Hump Day Tip every week. Taking advantage of good CA weather to practice your short game tips before heading back to freezing back home ;-D.
    PS In case readers wonder, I have not yet privy to meet Coach H or even remote connection ( he wouldn’t junkie who I am – just old lady who loves & practices golf); just love his approach to teaching golf. If you are able to purchase his DVD you will be glad you did. Even the free tips he shared helped me a lot – with lot of practice of course ;-D.

  4. Oops!
    I meant to say ” he wouldn’t know who I am” and not “junkie who i am”
    Spell check somehow chose to replace the word for me – after I mis-keyed the word Know” the first time! LOL
    Blame on husband rushing me to practice before darkness falls at 4:30. Yike! I long for long summer days.

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