Make Significant Improvements In Your Swing With These Small Steps… And Shave Some Strokes Off Your Score!

Want A More Consistent Swing?

7 thoughts on “Tip: Make Calculated Changes

  1. As usual Shawn is so clear in his instruction that you almost think he is actually with you in person.
    Thanks I am slowly beginning to formulate an old mans swing around his method.
    Syd Thomas

  2. Shawn I have had many golf lessons in the past however the pros have never broken down the correct way to swing the club that has been a simple as you show how to love your tips and thanks Cheers Joe

  3. hishawn,watch a lot of your video’s and they make sense, for a 74 yr. old i hit a driver or wood off the tee anywerefrom 180 to 200 yds.but i have trouble hitting irons and wooda off the fareway, from a 4 iron up to my wedges i have a lot of chunks and mishits, can you help.thans

    • Frank–First I would recommend getting rid of your long irons and go hybrids. They are a game saver and you will gain a ton of distance. On the mishits, you golf swing is too much up and down and needs to be rounded like a baseball swing. Too steep too much turf. Too shallow–not enough turf. Somewhere in the middle.

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