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  1. Hi Shawn
    I have your Blueprint DVD and am studying it.
    One thing I seem to recall from looking at pictures of the swings of the pros and informed comments on those swings is that the very best golfers don’t actually return the club to the same position at impact as it was at address. Apparently it’s physically impossible to do that with the normal set up. As I understand it, that is the rational for the Moe Norman “single plane” swing where the address is different from the “conventional” one (e.g. yours), and, according to its proponents, corrresponds to the impact position. (Incidentally, I’ve never used the “single plane” swing although I’ve been tempted when, as now, my swing, or at least impact, is terrible).
    I’be interested in your comments on this.

    • Geoff–Thanks for the post. However, you couldn’t be any further than the truth. I’ve produced champions on every tour in the world. PGA, LPGA, European, Web.com, Japanese, Canadian, NCAA, and World Junior Championships. I could send you over a 1,000 clips of videos of golfers that produce what I’m talking about. Not sure where you are getting your information from–however its invalid. The greatest players in the world in fact do return the club back into the same position in which they started.
      Just to name a few legendary golfers, Hogan, Trevino, Snead, Byron Nelson (whom I worked for 3 years and was the director of his golf schools and saw him every week for 3 years. The name Iron Byron came from the Iron-Byron machine that Wilson sporting goods built around Byron’s golf swing. Why? Because he returned the golf club in the same position every single time at impact–more than any legendary golfer. So many times they thought the sequence camera was broken.

      Modern day golfers– Woods, Snedeker, Love, I could go on-and-on.
      Moe Norman did it because it felt comfortable to him. He’s the only one and will be the only one.

      The recreational golfer swings the club on a steeper plane because of their lack of training to create arc and a more rounded swing. That’s why they are steep at impact and the toe digs, face opens and causes the ball to fly right. And the average handicap is 20+. If Players would focus on the solutions and not the mistake–they would be a better player. As oppose to masking the virus and never becoming a better golfer. You have the answer in the Blueprint DVD and I challenge you to become a better golfer. Impact is a by product of your entire golf swing. Focus on all the other solutions–not impact and your impact will be a true by-product of correcting other parts of your swing. Most people try to correct impact. There is no way to correct impact if you don’t fix the other parts–that lead to an inconsistent impact. No matter how hard you work.

  2. Shawn .. I always look forward to your tips … very solid and quite well explained … Actually, you have given me a great tip without even knowing it .. and I decided to run it past you for your further comment —- I noticed that you seem to choke down on your irons by an inch or so … My last round I decided to try choking down by about that inch and found the game incredibly easier !! I have been a ‘caster’ for a long time (unable to fix this distance killer) but I felt I was no longer casting simply by choking down.. I’m about 5’10” and use standard length clubs .. Do you mind telling me how tall you are and whether your clubs are standard length, shorter, or longer ?? I presume you have been fitted (which I cannot afford right now) … Also, how long is your driver shaft ?? Whenever I shop for a driver, I cannot find anything less than 46 inches. I’m thinking of getting my driver cut back to 44 inches… Any thoughts ?? Many thanks. Ted

    • Ted–thank you for the comment. I don’t choke down on the grip. That’s were you are suppose to grip the club. There should always be a 1/4 inch because of the club angle and how it rest at an angle in your hands. I’m 6’4″. My clubs are 1″ long–2 degrees upright. My driver is 46.5 inches long. If you cut your driver down it will change the shaft flex, weight, bend point, and tip. You want to get a shaft that is made to that length.

  3. Hi Shawn
    I have a tendency of hitting the balll out towards the toe with my irons
    I have tried moving closer to the ball, putting my weight towards
    The heels of my feet and on the balls of my feet. I have tried swinging
    More upright and flatter. Also have moved my ball position around.
    With no luck. I am 6-2 And had my clubs fitted. 1inch Long and 2 Upright
    I play to a 4 Handicap. If their is any drills I can do or have a solution
    I would really appreciate it. Many thanks. Joe

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