16 thoughts on “AR – RS: 5 Signs Your Swing is Off Plane

    • I am 69 and played baseball and hit left side. I golf right side. I can’t seem to build any consistency. Have a hard time hitting fairway woods and when I hit them I severely pull them and/or top them. Good short irons though. Will your system help me? People I play with say I have a very short backswing they losing power. I love the game but frustrated.

  1. Shawn, is the DVD good for one plane swingers like myself? I like your tips, but I changed to ops 5 yrs. ago and have had success with it, and not interested in going back to 2 plane swing. Let me know.thanks,

  2. Hi Shawn,
    Love your vids and your teaching style but just as a change why not present 5 positive ways your golf swing is on plane. We all know the negatives you stated in this teaching vid. Just an idea. It seems all golf teaching pros teach what “you’re doing wrong”, why not teach only the correct way. Never show what they are doing wrong. Thanks Mike

    • Mike–Their are not 5 ways your swing gets on plane. The average golfer cannot make corrections if they don’t understand what they are doing wrong. That’s the key to success in anything. Jack Nicklaus said it very clear. If you don’t understand what YOU do in your swing and game you never have a chance to correct yourself. He’s the all time greatest

  3. Shawn: I enjoy your teaching methods and want to participate in your offer(s). I am extremely cautious about using a credit card on internet, age I guess. I see a telephone # at bottom of page. I would participate using the telephone to order when another special becomes available. Thanks for your video clips as they are very motivating. Don

    • Don–I will assure you we have a safe and secure site. Hope to see you in our training commuity–soon. Sh

  4. I am 75 years and have played on and off since I was 14 years old. I retired from Pitney Bowes and Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. I am a player assistant in St. Augustine Fl at the 2 World Golf Place home of two courses Slammer & Squire, where I work, and the King Bear. I moved to St. Augustine and bought a home and got a job at World Golf from Palm Beach Gardens Fl several months ago. I was at the PGA NATIONAL RESORT AND SPA as an assistant for 8 years in the Golf Shop. I have watched your videos for many months and I want to get back playing.I have not played but a few times in 18 months because of a back problem that was recently fixed. You are a GREAT teacher.

    • Bud–thank you for the note. I love the Palm Beach area and get to Jupiter quite often. Get yourself back on the golf course and enjoy this game of life.

  5. How can I stop hitting the ground on short shot ie 50 to 100 yds?
    Its driving me crazy. Off the tee no problem

  6. I amm 77 and have seen nothing for seniors. I need some help with fairway woods and my 4 rescue club, can you give us seniors some advice

    • Nick–77 is not senior. As a matter of fact the game of golf is played by everyone at all ages. All the instructional training is designed for everyone. I don’t believe it needs to be different. I’ve coached winners on the Champions tour to top junior tours. And its all the same. Nicklaus will tell you the same.

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