12 thoughts on “RSB – Tip: Setup

  1. Shawn,
    I have taken a few lesson from you several years ago which really improved my golf swing. I live in Lubbock and have been a good friend of Bob (Buket) Springer for many years as you know. Just wanted to tell you that Bob passed away a few days ago after having another stroke.

    Thanks again for all your help and friendship

    Steve Haliburton

    • Steve–thank you for the email. I remember you well!! So sorry to hear about Bob. He touched many people in so many ways and was a unique man. He will be dearly missed. I hope you and your family are doing well. Keep in touch my friend!


  2. Hi Steve,thanks for all your good teachings.Helping me heaps.One thing though,this video talks about the line between the back of your shoulder through your knees to the top of your shoe. I actually can’t get that because i have a long body and short legs.I see your body style is long legs and shorter body. I actually bend over and get the flatter swing which also helps me keep my left arm straight through impact while stopping me from standing up.If i stand taller in the set up i tend to pull up at impact with my left arm slightly bent. I am right handed, on a 4 handicap and am 61 years old.My average drives are 230 meters with a slight draw. Of all the things you have given me this is one that i cannot do.Thanks for all the others though.

    • Thanks Allen–and actually the name is SHAWN. The 3-point stance is purely a starting point. Not looking for perfection–just progress. In this case there is exceptions to some rules. Glad we are helping you with your game.

    • RL–we are located in the DFW area / Grapevine TX proper. We will post our schools dates in Dec for the 2014 season.

  3. i am (patiently) waiting for your lessons on app for iPhone to take to the range 😀
    Have SH Golf Pro; only drawback is cannot use if no internet connection, otherwise great tool to have.
    Love Hump Day golf tips; totally agree with R L Gray, your instructions are easy to understand!
    Thank You!

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