9 thoughts on “RSB Tip: Backswing

  1. Just how do you leave you arm to fall, at the start of your down swing? Is it cause by relaxing your muscles, or physically dropping your arms consciously.

    • Frank–The conscious mind can only have one thought at a time. Subconscious mind can process thousands of thoughts. Why–here’s the reason. In order to have consistency you must be able to replicate something. In order to replicate you must first master. That’s why I mentioned just one move. Master the dropping of the arms–then you will be able to do it consistently. Remember–you have to master it first. If you’re not willing to do that. It won’t happen. Good luck!!

  2. Hi ,Shawn ,You speak good common sense .To have a good backswing and top of THE backswing position ,you have to know exactly where you put your hands at THE top of THE backswing,in relation to your head!I active that by having m’y two rhumbs pointing to m’y right ear ,and THE butt end of THE club Orientated parallel to THE traget Line and in THE opposite direction .Then ,as you say ,just let THE hands “fall”by gravity against your right hip ,THE turn on your left leg ,and you have a perfect swing .
    Takes thousands of répétitions to do it correctly and in sync.

    • Raymond–thanks for the note. Bottom line the club needs to be on plane and if you are not creating self awareness–one will never make progress. Keep up the great work.

  3. Shawn, One of the things that you repeatedly stress is the butt of the club pointing to your belt buckle. I use an offset iron (Ping G20) and have purchased your alignment device and when I setup the club to the ball I am having a problem making that connection (butt to the belt buckle). Am I just missing something here?

  4. Hi Sean. Can you give some feedback on the current importance that seems to be given over to whether you are a one or two piece swinger and how that impacts on your methodology.

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