10 thoughts on “AR – RS: Two Keys to a Great Swing

  1. Shawn

    Thanks. I’ve enjoyed your video tips. For Christmas, I asked for and received your Two Steps to a Great Swing (may not have the title right) and the Hump Day tips. In fact, I like your tips so much that I’ve suggested to some friends that we try to find time to come and get some lessons from you.
    The video on two steps was fine but I was disappointed that it doesn’t say what to do after you’ve got the club to the top of the back swing, other that to let it drop. Also that hinging of the club from the static motion and then turning is not what you or anyone else does in the actual swing unless you are talking about blending the two motions which would then involve swinging the hands back as you are turning – as you show in this video.
    What am I missing?

    Regards, Anil

  2. Shawn,

    I like some of your teaching that I’ve watched, but I have so much stuff already. This video special says for beginners and intermediates. I consider myself and intermediate and beyond. My problem is consistency and repeatability and eliminating small costly errors. I am looking for some good training for these problems. What do you think? Are these videos good enough or do you offer something better. I’m also cheap so like your special pricing.

    Maybe I haven’t been to your website to see what is offered. Any suggestions. I also don’t play in the winter which hurts staying in form and I’m 68 which is a slight handicap also.

    Thanks, alan

    • Alan–The Elite Golf Academy is the only way to train. All other golf videos don’t teach you how to train. If you truly want results I would recommend joing the EGA on my site.

  3. I have a 16, handi-cap. Some days I play to a 10. My swing seems to be getting more consistant. And your right, practice makes perfect. The pre-swing drills have helped. I am 63 yrs old, and you can teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks Amos

  4. hello shawn,
    in the last month`s a saw different video`s to improve the golf game.
    imust give you a compliment.Your golftips are easy to unterstand and really helpfull

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