20 thoughts on “TS&S: Super Size Flop

  1. That was by far the best advice I’ve ever received/ read/ heard regarding this dreaded golf shot.
    Many, many thanX!!!!!!

  2. Shawn: I’ve been struggling with bunker shots for sometime, then the other day I happened upon your “Bunker” video. I watched it several times and couldn’t wait to give it a go. Yesterday I found myself in four green side bunkers during a round here in Florida, applying your technique to my surprise I came out near the flag each time. Today, after viewing your Flop shot video I will use it first chance I get. Thank you sir for giving me the knowledge to help lower my scores. Merry Christmas. Rich

    • Rich–tank you for the note and congrats on your success! We try to keep things simple for you. Appreciate the support and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Shawn,

    I had tried your “Bunker” tip yesterday, and found it very helpful. However, I would need some more practice to achieve ‘up, and down’ results. Today, I’ve seen your Flop shot tip. I’ll seriously add it into my practice scheme. Thanks for all the tips you’ve given to us.

    • Wicha–thank you for the note. Its all about innovating and creativity with lots of training and practice. Have fun with the new secrets.

  4. Shawn: you are such a great instructor! I saw a video the other day of Gary Player suggesting how to play out of a bunker. Without wanting to diss the great man, your suggestions are eminently more sensible, and they work for me.

    Have a great Christmas from one of your fans from Down Under, where it is bloody hot, as we say.

    • Terry–thank you for the kind words and comparison to GP. His one of the best bunker players in the world. As the old saying goes– there has never been a great player that was a great teacher. They’ve made good teachers or coaches. However, never at the level they played great golf professionally. And vise-versa, never has their been a great teacher that was a great player. All sports across the globe. Love Australia–one of my favorite places! Merry Christmas to you and your family down under.

    • Denny–I use a 56 degree Sand-wedge. Distance is not in the process. Getting the ball over the obstacle and on the green is the key.

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