16 thoughts on “Tip: 911 Hook (Tree)

  1. watched your 911 shot then went to the course was stuck behind a tree so used a 4 iron from 165 yards out and one shot and I was 2 feet from birdy thank you so much

  2. I find that when you aim the face at the target and set up for the hook, it will start at the target and end up left, as your shot did here. Would you not suggest aiming right of target, setting up for the hook, and then hitting the shot? That should bring it back TO the target. Aim of club face seems to dominate direction, and then path, in relation to that face, determines spin and thus trajectory (in this case, starts more or less at target and then hooks hard left of target). What do you think?

    • Peter–is all based on what club you use. The straighter the face the more side spin and ball curving right to left or left to right.

  3. Hi Shawn,
    I tried this while teeing off with a 3 iron and a sharp dogleg left.. “Unbelievable” is what I heard from one of the guys behind me (and it was).. The ball did exactly what you said it would. Thx..

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