27 thoughts on “Tip: Arm Speed vs Body Speed

  1. Wow. So with more arm speed, I will drive the ball 300 yards? I will be the envy of all the guys in the Seniors (over 65’s) section of my golf club!

  2. Thank you Shawn for all the information you have sent to me over the past years I have some of your training videos that I have purchase these past two years. Will these new videos be that much different from the others? I have “How to build a repeating swing” and “Short game precision”. Of course I watch many other videos that are offered on the internet. I like Shawn’s programs and personality. Thank you, Roger

    • Roger–first and foremost thank you for your loyalty and continued business. Every DVD I produce is based on a minimum of 25 years of teaching, training, and coaching. I currently train 50-60 hours a week in my academy and the content we produce is time tested on tens of thousands of hours on our students and coaches. Each product released is no doubt the best. I hope you enjoy.

  3. Reference the challenge of keeping the separate elements of the swing in synch as one works on improving: Swinging fast with arms while maintaining essential rhythm.

    any tips for the practice enthusiasts in the effort to prevent distortions?

    many thanks for your helpful insight.

    Paul R.

    • Paul–I would recommend purchasing my new DVD training system “Repeating Swing Blue Print”. This will break down how to accomplish exactly what you are talking about.

  4. Thanks Shawn. It’s a great tip, but as I look at you when you finally “do” the swing, I see that you are clearing your hips fast and with it driving the swing. So would just speeding the arms be sufficient?

  5. Shawn I too like your coaching and tips. My thought on this tip is I have to make sure to “drop” those speedy arms and not go over the top. Speeding up the arms is good for “Inside and out” move. Am I correct?

    • Kit–make sure you hold the right should back so you can speed up your arms. And yes–this gives you the greatest opportunity to create and inside move to the ball.

    • Martin–if you are 80 years old. Your arms are going to move much faster than your hips at this age. Your greatest opportunity to hit if further is to speed up your arms.

  6. Dear Shawn ,I always appreciate very much your simple ,nĂ´ nonsense teaching .
    As for this instruction ,Speed up your arms ,it’s fine ,but more easily said than done:you have to develop THE corresponding “Fast twitch”muscle fibers ,which are THE right pectoral ,the right triceps ,and THE rotatator cuffs OF the right shoulder .
    How do you acheive that?
    I’m 79 ,I Still play to a handicap OF 7 ,after being scratch a long time ago ,and m’y main concern is to not lose distance off TEE !
    Your advice to acheive that goal would be helpful .
    Raymond .

    • Raymond–you don’t have to develop all the fast twitch muscles with all the medical term stuff. I have kids that are 8 years old and the only speed they can generate are with their arms. You achieve it by getting in front of a mirror and rehearsing it. You have to train the moves first before you can execute. I would recommend you purchasing my training DVD “Repeating Swing Blueprint” that will take you through every step of training the arms.

  7. Shawn, Tapes are good but not for me. I can not tell what I am doing wrong. I need lessons, but with a good teacher. I live too far to take lessons from you, but do you know of a good instructor in the Palm Beach, West Palm Beach Florida area. i need someone like you.

    Niles Spier

  8. Hey Shawn … I’ve tried your drill several times .. It doen’t come off as smooth as when I watch you demo it … I feel like I’m getting stuck .. The club seems like it’s ‘behind’ me as I’m about to make contact with the ball … My question is — How tall are you and how long is your driver length .. I have a relatively new driver which I measure out at 46 inches … I’m only about 5’10” .. Should I consider cutting it down to maybe 44 inches ??

    • Ted–Please understand I’ve been doing this my entire life. I better make it look smooth. Driver length is ok–don’t cut down. It just takes a ton of reps to get this down. Kind of like me — my entire life.

  9. Hi Shawn. I recive you videos with great plesure and i realy enjoy them. I live in cold Denmark, the snow has already hit the fariways and driving range. Do you have at tip on how to increase the driving speed with out the driver in hand. ? Thnaks in advande. Michael

  10. Hi Shawn,
    I’m on a fixed income but, hope to get your video series for Christmas from the family. I do have a question though. How do I keep my arms from getting to far ahead of my body and pulling the ball left? Thanks, Dan.

    • Dan–thanks for the note. You have to hold your right shoulder (right handed golfer) at the top of the back-swing and slowly work the arms down with out moving the shoulder. This takes many reps to master–however, once you master. You are on your way to better golf.

  11. Feb. 25th and I was just wanting to see this lesson, and I got the exact lesson by email that I was thinking about. Great timing!!!! I saw this or something like it a year or so ago. I will be 75 in March, and know that I can get more swing speed. I want to drive the ball more than 150 in the air. It also feels like every iron shot goes the same distance. Short, short ETC. AJ

  12. 60 years old man from Thailand and now practice using arm speed method. It’s not getting used to yet since my normal routine is transferring weight and turning hip during downswing . Observed that my club head speed has increased about 6 mile/hour and distance has increased about 10-15 yards . Fortunately this method is never over the top. This is fantastic. Still keep watching yr DVD regularly so that can master backswing and downswing. Thanks

    • Anusorn–great to hear of your success! Arm speed is the key for the recreational golfer. Keep up the great work!

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