8 thoughts on “Tip: Avoid The Trouble

  1. Shaun With the greatest of respect most golfers could work out that would be good if they could draw and fade on demand.
    Tommy Armour’s advice would be to stand on the left hand side of the tee and aim for the right hand side of the green going over or to the right of the bunker as the green falls right to left. Without the fade your ball is going to hit all the trouble.

    • Adrian–90% of the recreational golfers that play the game slice the ball and the average handicap is 20. So they need to play this shot. The greatest player to every play the game “Jack Nicklaus” always hit his tee shot on the opposite side of the trouble on the tee box and actually hit the ball at the trouble and turned it away from it. That’s why he was the greatest. As a high handicap golfer if the do what Tommy Armour is talking about and old school teaching the will end of further in trouble and making higher numbers. The tips are designed for the recreational golfer to enjoy and play the game at a higher level.

  2. Hi Shawn

    First, thank you very much for the tips. They cut through to the essence and are short-watching them again and again is very useful.

    This tip looks great, but I have a natural draw, coming from the inside (the way you demonstrated in the last Hump Day tip) every time, especially under pressure. So what I typically do at such a par 3 is aim to the right of the green, above the right bunker. Of course, as you say, I sometime cook it too much, going to the left, or remain on the right.

    Would be great if you a Hump Day tip for this cut you are demonstrating here.

    Thank you very much and, if you were not so far from me (I am in France), you would certainly see me for lessons.


  3. I, like David, have a natural draw, and for the life of me, cannot hit a fade to save my life. I invariably double-cross myself and pull it left!

  4. Hi Shawn,
    Considering 90% of golfers slice(I live on a golf course and know this). The only problem is they aim at the pin and get into trouble. I think this is a great tip.

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