13 thoughts on “AR – RS Blueprint Day 3 – Tip: Backswing

  1. Why do I need these disks? Aren’t your lessons enough?

    Also I noticed you positioned the ball closer to your left heel when you used a driver. This is different than the mark on the BPT. Is the BPT not set up for a driver?

    • Robert–If you want to become a better golfer you want Repeating Swing Blue Print. Tips are not enough for our members. That’s what they requested and that’s what I delivered. Not sure what you are referring to on the BPT. My ball position is in the exact same position as the BPT for drivers. Most likely the camera angle.

  2. Won’t I need all those gadgets I see in your promo video to get useful training from your new DVDs? (bags & sticks & joint square)

  3. Hi Shawn

    I love your videos but in the past couple of weeks they do not appear in my browser like they used to.

    I have tried both Safari and Firefox browsers and get no videos…can this be fixed?


    • James–Please download the latest version of Flash. We do recommend using Fire-Fox Web-browser for our videos. Its much cleaner and less bugs to deal with .

    • Carlos–Sorry you are having issues. Unfortunately its on your end. They are working fine on our end. We recommend using Fire Fox web browser. If you are using Internet Explorer it has a ton of bugs in it that will keep the new HD videos from playing. Also please download the latest version of FLASH this will help as well.

      • Shawn don’t let your IT staff tell you IE has a ton of bugs =). Great lessons. Working just fine here on IE10.

        All the best,

        • Kevin–thank you. Not all are affected by the bugs with Internet Explorer. We get a much cleaner product when using Fire fox. Good to hear IE is working for you–appreciate the not.

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