13 thoughts on “Tip: Hit High Chip Shots

  1. What a great piece of information! That’s where I’ve been going wrong, not knowing the ratios. This is going to make club selection around the green so much easier, and practice sessions more fruitful! Thank you.

  2. I screwed it up on purpose so you would buy my Short-Game Performance DVD. Not really…..sometimes I just mess things up.

  3. Thanks for the great tips! I especially like your “hump day” videos, but only when you get some gravel in your voice. 😉

  4. Hi Shawn, You have a lot of fantastic videos on here, I played off 1 when I was younger, and after seeing your videos I forward them on to Twitter literally to help higher handicappers with their game and sometimes i use your advice myself like this chipping ratios is brilliant, I assumed it was a feel thing as I play on a links and play a lot of bump & runs, but after seeing this video I’ll be practicing with different clubs and using the ratios, thanks, Pádraig

    • Padriag–thanks! Appreciate you passing along our training. Mixing in the ratios will enhance the feel as well.

  5. Must be the best golf instructor i have encountered. Excelent videos and well demonstrated. THANKS Shawn from sunny South Africa

  6. Shawn,
    Thanks for the tip…..since I already have a 60 degree wedge in my bag which I use to hit the high lob shot I will stay with it. Not sure if I would be comfortable enough to hit as an example a 54 degree or a 56 degree club high enough and soft enough to control a lob shot with either of these. For me it will be the 60 degree wedge as my “Go To” for the high soft lob shot. I really enjoy your Wednesday Hump Day Series ! Thanks, Bill

  7. I look forward every Wednesday for “Hump Day”. Excellent tip’s and I save them on my e-mail folder to review
    every week. I just tured 80 years old, been playing golf for 50 years, carry a 10 handicap from the senior tees, never to old to learn something new and “Hump Day” provides me with new ideas every week. Thanks Shawn.


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