21 thoughts on “Tip: Create Tour Player Width

  1. Since I’ve always struggled with wanting to keep my left arm straight, because that’s what I’ve always been instructed to do, I found your tip about a relaxed left arm very interesting. Looking forward to trying it at the range.

  2. Shawn,

    What a great visual. No one has ever talked about “softening the forward arm”. I’ve taken a few practice swings, and look forward to trying it. Keep up the great tips!!!

  3. Terrific stuff Shawn. Thanks for it all. Can you please use terms that mean the same for us lefties eg “front” and “back”, “target-side” etc rather than left and right? Currently, I have to translate much of the material for my own purposes and it’s a bit of a pain which doesn’t seem to be necessary.

    • Terry–thanks! You want to know an even more pain. I was left handed growing up in a right-handed world as well. Now fully ambidextrous you and I both have to convert everything. Unfortunately we live in a right-hand world and it will never change and only the lefties have the ability to translate it.

    • Terry–these videos are produced from 12 months to 48 months in advance. Non are done the week you received them. We are producing content for 2015 right now.

  4. I would like to see a video on the first move down in the backswing. Is it the dropping of the arms before starting to turn the hips or do you start to turn the hips and then drop the arms into the slot?

    • Harry–if you check out my latest DVD-Training System (Build A Repeating Swing Blueprint) you will learn everything about dropping the arms first.

  5. I have never understood why width in the backswing is so important. All Pros and single digit handicappers have a downswing in all their shots that is very shallow and creates lag. There is no width in their downswing. Therefore, why does it matter how you get to the top of your backswing?Also, everytime they show a pro’s swing in slow motion, their left arm is practically ramrod straight. I am confused.

    • David–Width is not created on the down swing in good players. The reason you don’t see width on the down swing is because they created the width on the back swing. Which is the only way they can create lag on the down swing. However, in high handicap players they do create width on the down swing because that took all the with out on the backswing.

  6. Shawn,Could you please elaborate on how you give Speed to THE left arm in THE downswing: I’ve tried to utilize THE “Powerless arms “systèm, of another teacher on THE web and use THE Speed of THE body rotation to accelerate THE arms ,but it doesn ‘t work well for me !

  7. Shawn, I have been working on these drills for width at the driving range, but have noticed a new tendency to hit alot of shots off the toe with very little divot. Any divots I do get are toe deep. I think something else must have changed in the swing as a result, but I’m at a loss to figure out out. I feel like everything else is consistent (distance to the ball, posture, etc.) What are the common reasons for toe hits with thin/no divots?

    • Tim–I would highly recommend purchasing my 3-DVD Set “Repeating Swing Blue Print” it will take you through all the training and help you make the corrections.

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