13 thoughts on “AR – RS Blueprint Day 4 – Tip: Downswing

  1. Like Don Koepnick, I want this, but will not put it on a credit card. Have been burned doing that.

    Please advise.


  2. I know the credit card feeling but in th emodern age you are jsut asa likely to get burned by the waiter or clerk and perhaps even more so. Pay pal is great.
    Oh yea, love Shawn’s stuff.

  3. Is the disc being mailed to us or do we try to download it from the TV ? I do not have a smart-phone nor do I have google so I am unable to download to my computer.

  4. Hey Shawn,

    I love the idea of your new video series but I have a question. I have purchased training aids in the past and money isn’t easy these days. Do we need all these training aids to et any use of these video? To be honest I would like to purchase your offer but if I get it and then I start hearing use a n impact bag, get this, get that, etc, I think I’ll pass.

    Any comments?


    • Steve–There are a few training tools we recommend just as we have with all our other training DVD’s. And the tools are no different. However, the actual training is the best I’ve ever produced. And the price goes up this week.

    • Walter–great question! The Blue Print DVD takes you through the most important parts of your golf swing. And provides you with multiple-multiple drills in each area so you can build your golf swing for the ages with endless consistency.

    • Don–I would recommend you purchasing the Repeating Swing Blueprint Training System. The 3-DVD system will walk you through every step to help you hold your shoulders so your arms can fall and hit amazing shots.

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