7 thoughts on “Tip: Correct Grip

    • Jack Nicklaus–the greates player of all time started off his playing season by seeing his teacher Jack Grout. They began with the grips, steup, and ball positon every single season. If its good enough form Jack–its good enough for me.

  1. Hi Shawn,
    I’ve always used an over lapping grip but I had carpal tunnel surgery in august on my right hand.My thumb,index,and middle finger haven’t recovered totally.Do you think an interlocking grip would help?


  2. Thanks, Shawn..I am a lefty and have fallen prey to not reviewing my grip very often but have now and found that my left hand was in too much a neutral grip which left a gap between the left and right hands. Will work on this better grip and practice before I go play in the coming weeks. Mike

  3. My ball flight is to high and I feel that I am losing distance. Is there any cures.

    Thanks for the many tips I look forward to receiving them here in England

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