19 thoughts on “Tip: Hit Draw Everytime

  1. Hi
    Is the blueprint available as a download rather than shipping. I live in Africa so shipping is a problem


    • Ken–Yes its available as a digital link. We don’t allow our physical products to be downloaded due to them being proprietary.

  2. Shawn, Does this same principle work with the driver to hit a draw? I usually hit it dead straight or have a slight cut (RH). My misses are generally pulls left, but not like they are way left.
    Thanks for your great teaching.

  3. This method looks too hard to control. I may hit a draw but I may hit a hook. I am so inconsistent with my shots that this does not look like something I would want to try.
    Thank you though.

    • John–obviously you don’t want to work on your game and are looking for quick fixes. I cut through the chase for the recreational golfer. If you like short cuts–I’m not the one for you. Because they never work.

  4. This makes sense to me but I’m having difficulty co-ordinating it with my weight shift from back to front foot- do you have a tip or swing thought to help?

    • Peter–that’s the last thing you need to think about is your weight shift. Focus on what we discussed in the video and you will draw the ball.

      • OK, I’ll try, but we know the weight DOES shift and I think I’m unintentionally moving hips/shoulders forward or failing to co-ordinate arm movement and trunk rotation in the downswing with the weight shift (which I’ll now try not to think about)

        • Peter–the body weight and shift is a by-product of the arms swinging. Weight shift is one of the most over-rated and over-taught part of the golf swing.

  5. I just came back from a four day golf weekend with eight buddies. Three days of doing 36 holes a day
    and being 67 years didn’t help either. I had some trouble on the last day and blamed it on being tired
    which was probable true. This video explains why my last two tee shots went were they did.
    The tee bent straight out and the ball didn’t, it made a hard left even after I tried to do a proper swing and follow through. My hips came around to quick closing up the face.

    Thank you for this video.

    Harold Ehlke

  6. Shawn I absolutely love your tips.You explain things so clearly that should things not work for me each time I know that it is ME that is not executing the shots as you describe. Perseverence, I know, will win in the end. Thanks.

  7. Shawn,
    Your teachings ALWAYS make sense and lead to increased knowledge of golf performance.
    I place you on the “top of the heap” regarding golf instructors.
    Thank you,

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